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Thread: Anyone want a pass to E3?

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    zidane747 Guest

    Anyone want a pass to E3?

    This is serious, totally legit. Since I'm Staff Writer for PS2Vision, I'm able to go to E3 now, but since I'm not old enough(by one year.....damn), I might as well give it to someone who is. This'll be like an eBay type of auction. Whoever is the highest bidder will get it. The winner must contact me, and I'll contact my co-workers to send it to you. Once the winner is decided, we'll discuss the way to ship the money, and I'll have your pass to E3.

    Now, if this is not allowed, then that's perfectly fine. But if it is, great. Start bidding. The Pass will start at 5$. GO!

  2. E3 attendees have certain requirements to meet before they are issued a media badge. Media credentials are non-transferable, so what you are doing is not welcome on these boards.

    Thread closed.


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