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Thread: Cooking TNL Part II

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    Cooking TNL Part II

    We've had at least one thread about this in the past. I've started to cook again and would like to get some ideas from you guys.

    Recently I've done a lot of baking for friends birthdays and stuff.

    Here is a cow cake I made. It was very well received. The only thing really special about it is that all the icing is home made. The black icing is actually a dark chocolate icing.

    I've also made a lot of chocolate chip cookies. The real trick with cookies is to use a shiny pan and use solid shortening to grease the pan. Otherwise you risk burning the bottom side of the cookie.

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    I felt like making pizza tonight. Pretty simple, just a pizza dough (cost a dollar at a local place for a medium), minced garlic, sliced tomatoes, mozzarella, and fresh basil. It was pretty damn good; cost me about $8 total.

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  3. I made this for dinner tonight. I braised the chicken in a sauce with onions, garlic and rosemary and burned the shit out of it because I wasn't paying attention. Put some parm on it and all was well. The other thing is scalloped potatoes from a bag. I just had to add milk and butter. Really good stuff.
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    It was gloomy and rainy outside today, so I thought that I should make one of the best accompaniment meals: chicken and rice soup. It is pretty simple, but it was time consuming. (I slept between steps).

    3 chicken breasts, split, with breastplate/bones
    salt and pepper to taste
    5 cloves of garlic (they can still be in the wrapper, it doesn't matter)
    1 medium onion, halved and then sliced thin
    approx 2 quarts water
    2/3 cup brown rice (unprepared)
    1 bay leaf
    Olive oil

    Heat an oven to 375, and an oven-safe pan to medium-high heat.
    slice onions.
    Season the chicken breasts with salt and pepper, and place them in the pan. Allow them to get a good sear on the first side.
    After 5-6 minutes, flip them over, and have them pretty close together in the center of the pan. Place the onions in a bed on top of the chicken breasts, and just lay the garlic on top. After the second side gets a good sear, put it in the oven for about 25 minutes to finish cooking.

    About 5 minutes before the chicken is out of the oven, bring the water to a boil in a stockpot.
    When your chicken is done, remove the breast meat from the bone, dice the meat, and set it aside.
    Take all bones, the garlic, and the bay leaf, and throw them in the stockpot. I also dumped all of the juices from the pan into the pot; this gave it more flavor and a deeper color.
    Sometime in the next hour, prepare your brown rice in your preferred method. I just used a rice cooker and kept it in there until it was done.
    Simmer until reduced by about 2/3. I took a longer-than-anticipated nap (3 hours ), and it reduced by about 1/2. No problem, I just added some hot water and brought it back to a simmer.
    Once you are happy with your broth, get the bones and garlic out. I just put a strainer over a stainless bowl and pour all of the contents into the bowl.

    Put the broth and chicken back in the stock pot, and heat until the chicken is warmed through. Then add the rice a little bit at a time until it reaches your desired ratio.

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    I made a hotdog today. I poked it with a fork before I put it in the microwave so it wouldn't 'splode. Then I put catsoup and musterd on it. It was delectable. I run Hell's Kitchen.

  6. I made fried pork belly with some mushrooms, broccoli, green chiles, and yellow peppers. marinated the pork in some soy/teriyaki with the peppers & chiles. Threw them in my deep pan, covered it and cooked the shit out of it until the peppers had pretty much disappeared into the delicious porky oil. then tossed the broccoli in to steam a little while, and ended by throwing in the mushrooms to soak up all of the delicious grease. Put some jasmine rice in a bowl, and had a wonderful cholesterol bomb of a lunch.

    ... and for dinner i had a can of beefaroni (lawwwl)

  7. Sounds fucking delicious.

    Today I made a white pizza with roasted turkey, bacon, Canadian bacon and fresh tomatoes. After it came out of the oven I topped it with banana peppers. It's the Turkey Club-Za. I made 2 extra large ones and both were gone in 10 minutes.

  8. 1 Box fettuccine
    2 Jars of your favorite Alfredo sauce
    2 Boxes frozen Brocolli
    1 bag Tyson pre-cooked breaded chicken strips.
    1 Bag shredded parmasean cheese

    Cook the fettuccine, then mix everything everything else in a casserole dish, and bake in the oven for about a 1/2 hour at 400 degrees.

    Quickish, easy, tasty, and filling as all heck.

  9. If you add about 1/2 a jar of your favourite tomato sauce to that Alfredo Sauce (so 1 1/2 jars alfredo and 1/2 jar tomato) you will get a sauce that I bet you will find quite tasty

  10. 1 bushel of Asparagus
    4 tsp of your favorite oil ... olive oil if your "nasty".
    dash of salt and ground pepper
    a tsp of minced garlic.

    Cut the tips and ends of the Asparagus. Lay them on a baking sheet. Preheat the oven for 325 degrees. Lightly coat the oil evenly on all the Asparagus. Then sprinkle the salt and pepper. Finally, evenly spread the garlic in between the Asparagus. Cook for 15 minutes.

    Out comes nice roasted Asparagus. Its actually quite good. I must thank a chef for showing me how to enjoy Asparagus.
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