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Thread: The Definitive TNL Online Game Account List

  1. The Definitive TNL Online Game Account List

    If you're on either service, join these groups to make life easier on everyone. You'll be automatically added to everyone's friends list from TNL. If you decide that you hate TNL, leave the group and everyone will disappear from your lists.

    TNL Steam group

    TNL Xfire clan

    This is real easy...just copy and paste what I have below and put in your own info. If any have been left out, let me know.


    Xbox Live: Gakusei
    PSN: SchlepNT
    Wii: N/A
    Xfire: schlep
    Steam: schlepnt
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  2. Xbox Live: Nash Enders
    PSN: N/A
    Wii: N/A
    Xfire: N/A
    Steam: N/A

  3. XLA: The Praxis
    PSN: ThePraxis
    Wii: 5528 9609 4006 8822
    Xfire: N/A
    Steam: N/A

  4. Xbox Live: ElCapitan006
    PSN: ElCapitan006
    Wii: 2834-4664-9910-4428
    Xfire: ElCapitan006
    Steam: ElCapitan006

  5. Xbox Live: N/A
    PSN: AshenVictor
    Wii: N/A
    Xfire: N/A
    Steam: N/A

  6. Xbox Live: K3V2
    PSN: K3V_TNL
    Wii: 6883 5227 5829 8365
    Xfire: N/A
    Steam: N/A
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  7. Xbox Live: epmode
    PSN: epmode
    Wii: Lots of numbers, who cares.
    Xfire: epmode (I don't use it much)
    Steam: epmode

  8. Xbox Live: Advocate005
    PSN: N/A
    Wii: N/A
    Xfire: Advocate05
    Steam: N/A
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  9. Xbox Live: Hiro Random
    PSN: Hirorandom
    Wii: LOL
    Xfire: Hiro Random
    Steam: hirorandom
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  10. XBL: achika
    PSN: portnoyd
    Wii: Don't remember, what a surprise.
    Xfire: portnoyd
    Steam: portnoyd

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