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Thread: The Definitive TNL Online Game Account List

  1. XBL: Miracleknight
    PSN: rofl
    Wii: lol
    Xfire: outdated
    Steam: ThiefSilver
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  2. lol at the straight-up anachronistic 16-digit Wii friend code in 2007. Really stands out when all the names for the other services are right there by it. Nintendo really is weird sometimes.

    XBL: MorselsIIDX
    PSN: Morsel
    Wii: Don't know mine.
    Xfire: Don't have one yet.
    Steam: Compass

  3. XBL: CouryC
    PSN: n/a
    Wii: n/a
    Xfire: n/a
    Steam: n/a

  4. XBL: Bacon McShig
    PSN: n/a
    Wii: numbers lol
    Xfire: n/a
    Steam: n/a

  5. XBL: Sekiria
    PSN: srsly? n/a
    Wii: 2320 5798 6978 9114
    Xfire: n/a
    Steam: n/a

  6. Xbox Live: sonicVA
    PSN: sonicVA
    Wii: 7316 7893 9541 0483
    Xfire: N/A
    Steam: N/A

  7. Xbox Live: Conrooks
    PSN: N/A
    Wii: N/A
    Xfire: Changeling
    Steam: Changeling

    Nice work Schlep

  8. Xbox Live: Scudnick
    PSN: N/A
    Wii: N/A
    Xfire: don't use it anymore
    Steam: Scudnick

  9. Xbox Live: wEEman33 BSD
    Xfire: wEEman33
    Steam: wEEman33

  10. Xbox Live: BmBrAnDX
    PSN: BmBrAnDX
    Wii: 5497 5537 5686 8195
    XFire: BrandX105
    Steam: N/A
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