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Thread: The Definitive TNL Online Game Account List

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    Updated list:

    3DS: 0001-3314-9830
    GameCenter: Yossy desu ne
    Game for Windows Live: Yossy desu ne
    OpenFeint: Yossy desu ne
    OnLive: Yossy desu ne
    PSN: Capcommie
    Raptr: Yossy desu ne
    Steam: Yoshi
    Star Wars: The Old Republic: Kraken (Saber of Exar Kun)
    Wii: 6166 0065 9549 7683

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    i am back among the gaming community.
    xbox live: JBNagis

    if you have xXJBNagisXx you can delete it.

    picked up a 360 for 250 all together, with gears of war 3 and umvc3. free target gift card and GoW3 was on sale for 40 bucks.

  3. If anyone wants to add me, Emperor Ernest is the truth. I'm too lazy to look up my Wii code, however. Heh, fucking Nintendo.

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    so ignore my earlier post. i recovered xXJBNagisXx which has all my downloads. so after my free month of xbox live gold finishes ill switch over to that one again. so dont delete it

  5. Maybe we could update the first post of this thread to make a quick and easy go-to reference for everyone's handles.

    I only have 23 pals on my 3DS friends list. I need friends to not cry at night! Here's my updated list.

    3DS: 3265-5161-6399
    PS3: Moccarocca
    Xbox LIVE: Pete Rocca
    Other Stuff: Can't remember, too lazy to get up

  6. Steam: kraftwerks602

    So now that I spent 15 minutes reading through this thread and sending friend requests, would it have been as simple as asking to be added to the tnl group?

  7. No group or player records were found matching your search term: kraftwerks602

    I tried to send you an invite to the TNL group.
    look here, upon a sig graveyard.

  8. I'm doing something wrong then. May be aramis19776. Or with just one 7.

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    These are the worst names.
    My Backloggery

  10. 1) I agree
    2) I initially set steam up like four years ago and it kept adding numbers to everything I tried to pick. Kraftwerks was my TNL handle for a minute and aramis was the name a nutty girlfriend came up with when I was setting up an email account. Before yesterday, I had never really done anything with the community/ profile part of steam. Whenever I start it up, I saw kraftwerks account, so I thought that was my screen name, but I guess not.
    3) I will try to change it when I get home.

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