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  • Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts [PC]

    1 1.16%
  • Eternal Sonata [360]

    7 8.14%
  • Halo 3 [360]

    63 73.26%
  • Heavenly Sword [PS3]

    3 3.49%
  • skate. [PS3, 360]

    5 5.81%
  • NHL 08 [PS2, PS3, 360, PC]

    2 2.33%
  • NHL 2K8 [PS2, PS3, 360]

    1 1.16%
  • Sonic Rush Adventure [DS]

    3 3.49%
  • Stranglehold [PS3, 360]

    1 1.16%
  • World in Conflict [PC]

    0 0%
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Thread: TNL's GotM: September 2007

  1. TNL's GotM: September 2007

    Previous entries:
    August 2007: Bioshock [360, PC]
    July 2007: Bomberman Live [XBLA]
    June 2007: Pac-Man Championship Edition [XBLA]
    May 2007: Odin Sphere [PS2]
    April 2007: Super Paper Mario [Wii]
    March 2007: God of War II [PS2]
    February 2007: Crackdown [360]
    January 2007: Hotel Dusk: Room 215 [DS]
    TNL's Games of the Month 2006

    [ As usual, straight ports, retro compilations, and retro XBLA, Virtual Console, and PSN titles are ineligible. Exceptions can be made for ports if they have not otherwise been released domestically, and noteworthy remakes. ]

    In what may be, quite possibly, the most resounding example of board-wide consensus in our history, Bioshock downright crushed all comers for August GotM, with nearly eight times the votes of the next closest competitor. September should be a bit more competitive, but I'm sure Halo 3's shadow will be an imposing one.

    A few of the more niche titles that were unfortunately left off: Dewy's Adventure, Jam Sessions, Drawn to Life, Loco Roco: Cocorecco.

    For me, I'm sure my vote will go to Halo, but I have a lot more playing to do before giving it a definitive judgment. I still don't think the single player lives up to the original in terms of atmosphere or feeling of awe, but it is a great deal of fun, despite the retardation they've turned much of the story/mythos into. The gameplay is excellent, and I think I will be getting much more significantly into the slaying of Halo nerds via the Internets battling mechanism.
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  2. I am split on heavenly sword and eternal sonata. Ive beaten heavenly sword and i have just scratched the surface of eternal sonata, so i guess my vote goes that way., STEAM ID: BRiRDM, [b]Beaten in 2013 (3): DmC (PS3), Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Vita), Assassins Creed 3 (PS3),

  3. I want to know how Bomberman Live won the GotM award. Was it a slow month?

    Anyway, my vote goes to Gears of War. Its multiplayer is way better than what Halo provides.

  4. That's just stupid.

  5. Fuck you, Robo. I didn't ask for your validation of my opinion.

  6. I was talking about the "I vote for Gears of War" part, silly.

    I vote for StarCraft: Brood War, its multiplayer is way better than any other game provides.
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  7. I voted for cohof since I know everyone else will cover Halo 3. Wish I could've voted for both.

  8. Stranglehold is actually 360 only. The PS3 version isn't out until the end of this month.

    Anyway, like last month, there shouldn't even be a poll. People voting for anything other than Halo 3 are either haters, fronters, or both.

  9. Halo 3 is the obvious winner.

    Seriously though, Eternal Sonata and skate. are fucking amazing games and they should get some sort of honorable mention.

  10. #10
    This month isn't as one-sided as last. There's a wide variety of good games. Of course, anyone choosing Stranglehold over Halo 3 is a moron, but I can definitely see F-Chans picking Eternal Sonata and skateboarding fans picking Skate. Company of Heroes is possibly the best RTS ever, and Opposing Fronts is more of the same, so I can see that picking up votes too.

    Still, my vote goes to Halo 3. I liked the ideas in Halo 1 and 2 but the flawed execution (copy+paste levels in Halo 1, crappy weapon balancing and linear funneling in Halo 2) always bothered me. Halo 3 is Halo finally done right. It isn't anything new or different, but damn is it good.


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