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Thread: Official Wii Thread

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    I was referring to Contra, Gradius and Castlevania for those that missed out.

    I'll give them a try after my whiny free repair.

  2. A guy wants me to buy his Wii Rvt-H. It's complete in the box and he wants $250 for it. It seems like a decent price, but I have no desire for the thing.

  3. It's pretty useless if you can't burn the discs, but as a stupid collectible, you could flip it quickly and get at least $100 for your troubles.

  4. Upon doing a little more research, I don't think I could. Dude posted it on Assembler (sent me the same pics he posted on there) asking what a fair price for it would be. Digging a bit deeper, he just bought it for $200 in October. Dork.

  5. That's kind of surprising. I guess with all those shovelware developers making Wii games, there's a lot of dev hardware out there for the system.

  6. It's got a red Famicom colored faceplate! I'd buy it.

  7. Want his info?

  8. No you fuck off!

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