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Thread: The Two V's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frogacuda
    When I said game system I meant dedicated game system (i.e. console).
    Fair enough.

    2600 came out in 1978
    1977. I can't believe it's 30 this month.

    Quote Originally Posted by Compass
    don't need to have played a Vectrex, to know there's no way it's better than Colecovision. The notion is preposterous in fact.
    The Vectrex is definitely better for shooters but the ColecoVision is superior for platformers, maze chase games, and puzzle games. The Vectrex's mascot platformer (Spike) didn't compare to Donkey Kong.

    The ColecoVision doesn't have much in terms of home exclusives, though, so that does add some appeal to the Vectrex. I can see why Frog would choose it. It may not have as much variety but it stands out as the most unique console of its day.
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  2. Coleco does however have a lot of nice arcade ports that at the time couldn't be found elsewhere.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by NeoZeedeater View Post

    Unfortunately, its failure caused Nintendo to shame Gunpei Yokoi out of the company.
    dunno if it was mentioned yet but it was 10 years ago this week he died.

  4. yeah, all the way back in post 25.

  5. I was going to bump Neozeedeaters old coleco thread in order to remind some of the punters of it greatness, but sadly it's closed.
    I think it heresy that ANY of his threads should be locked

  6. Quote Originally Posted by John Cena View Post
    yeah, all the way back in post 25.
    well i guess it was. hmph. bears repeating though. god, time fucking flies.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Frogacuda View Post
    2600 came out in 1978
    Not in Hong Kong! I am not sure, but oh well

  8. Ahhh....VB, how you ruined my neck. But I still loved you.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by John Cena View Post
    I picked up my first Virtual Boy when Blockbuster was clearing them out. Paid $30 for the system and the nifty hard plastic carrying case. Warioland was my favorite, though Mario Tennis and Galactic Pinball got a lot of playtime as well.
    GP even with its quite questionable physics still managed to be a lot of fun. I never liked Red Alarm. With everything being wire formed I often found myself getting stuck either in front or behind walls.
    I'd bought my VB at Blockbuster as well. The carrying case is super cool.

    I'd bought all of the North American released titles, from Blockbuster, for around $3-$7 each. Every title was complete with boxes and manuals. I'd trade in Water World twice though and have never replaced the turd of a game.

    I had a second VB (I'd also bought from BB), but I'd sold it earlier this year on TNL.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by NeoZeedeater View Post
    It has been a long time since the Vectrex and Virtual Boy have had threads here. I was thinking of how they parallel in many ways so I decided to lump them together. I'm also curious how many people here have owned them given their obscurity.

    Some similarities between the two:

    - They both came with their own monitors as opposed to connecting to a TV.
    - They were both monochrome.
    - The Vectrex introduced 3d imaging to consoles and the Virtual Boy was the first solely 3d image console.
    - They were both commercial failures.
    - They both have great arcade-style games that just aren't the same experience when played on emulators nor do screenshots do justice to seeing them in motion.
    Even though the Vectrex was reather expensive, it never was destined for commercial success, since the monitors used for the units were of limited quantity. You have to wonder what they were planning to do, once the supply had ran out?


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