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Thread: Melf's Sale Thread 3.0 (New items added 3/9/12)

  1. Hi, Melf. Were you able to ship Blazing Star and Pulstar?



  2. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get to the PO yesterday (my daughter and I got back from her field trip after the PO had closed), but it will definitely go out on Monday.

    I'm sorry for the delay!

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    I should have bought that Blazing Star, I didn't realize how awesome it was until I played it a few days ago
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  4. Not a problem. Thank you for the response.

  5. I'm just sorry it's taking so long. Everything for you, GohanX, and John Cena is boxed up and just waiting to be shipped. I will have it all out on Monday, and I'll PM you that evening with the DC numbers.

  6. All sold items have been shipped, and the list has been updated.

  7. sent you a PM

  8. Bumpity!

    Please buy this stuff already. I need a PS3.

  9. i sent you a PM last month and you never replied.
    here is what i sent;
    your stuff for sale
    interested in the following:
    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure $10
    Vampire Chronicles for Matching Service (Japanese) $20
    Mark of Kri (very good condition) $3
    Metal Gear Solid 2 (Brady, great condition, no poster) $4

    can you work out a deal? the DC games are priced a little on the high side.

    let me know.
    Forward Message

    i am still interested in the DC games. let me know if we can work something out.

  10. Plik, that's about as low as I can go on the DC games.

    Bumped with new items, including:

    - Princess Crown (Saturn)
    - Radiant Silvergun
    - Einhander
    - Master Sytem + games
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