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Thread: Melf's Sale Thread 3.0 (New items added 3/9/12)

  1. You gots PM.

  2. List updated and sold items removed. I should be adding more DC and Game Cube stuff soon.

  3. Got my stuff today, Melf! Thanks!

    (5/5 Links)

  4. Sweet! I'm glad it got there safely. Enjoy!

  5. Bumpo!

    Added new Dreamcast items and some orphans. More to come later.

  6. I think I bought a lot of this stuff off of you, like EDF and Mischief Makers.

    Anyway, prepare yourself for a lengthy PM!

  7. I must've forgotten to update!

    PM answered!

  8. is that Dreamcast still on hold?

  9. I haven't heard from the guy since he asked for it, so I'll PM him and see what's up. If he backs out, I'll let you know.

  10. word. lemme know.


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