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Thread: Melf's Sale Thread 3.0 (New items added 3/9/12)

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Deewtaei View Post
    Would you be interested in Legendary Axe (US Hucard), Lords of Thunder (US CD), or Monster Lair (US CD) for trade?
    Nah, I'm looking to unload all my TG stuff. If you have anything else for trade, let me know.

    Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    you got cash.
    Thanks! I'll try to get your stuff out by this weekend.

    Which were the 4 NES games you wanted, the ones with manual and slip case or the ones that were cart only?
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  2. cool. I need your address again so I can get your stuff out too.

  3. Added some pictures of the Turbo Duo. GBA games coming soon.

  4. Bump up the jam!


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