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Thread: So long Mr. Despair

  1. So long Mr. Despair

    Teacher centric Azumanga with black humor describes it best. Art is pretty good, blah blah, watch the first ep all the way thru. Be warned there is fan service (tho its ALOT less after the first ep) and occasionally the humor is very japanese specific, tho most of you will be able to get it.

    Annnnnd Discuss. afk is fan subbing this.
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  2. Saw this with Chao a few weeks back, it's cool and wacky but I don't know how many episodes I'd watch unless it kept fresh.

    It's like a dramatized version of Risky Safety.

  3. They're up to 7 with only one I'd rather not watch again. (7th)

  4. I'll give this a watch later today when I'm not at work :[

  5. Dammit. I thought Mars was back.
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