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Thread: Street Fighter 4 announced - SF4 Thread

  1. Street Fighter 4 announced - SF4 Thread

    yes this deserves its own thread, seperate from the Capcom Huge Announcement thread.

    it's fucking Street Fighter 4 afterall

    Oct 17, 2007

    Street Fighter 4
    Development has just begun and the release of the game is more than a year away. No platforms are yet confirmed - a highly stylised animated concept trailer of Ryu and Ken fighting was shown, but no game footage.

    Capcom Announces Street Fighter 4 and More!

    Mark this year as one of the most momentous years for gaming. It's announcements like this one that keep making this job so worthy and awesome. After much anticipation and hype, Capcom finally delivers with their promises of bombshells.

    Street Fighter 4 was officially confirmed at their press event in London just a few hours ago. A concept trailer was shown depicting the series' two most recognizable fighters exchanging some moves.

    The current release date scheduled is more than a year away, which hopefully means we'll see it in time for the 2008 holiday season.
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  2. #2
    No way.

  3. I'm not falling for this bait.

  4. Raspberry

    stolen from GAF

  5. GAF has a thread, so, it's probably real

    I think this time, after years of hoax, this time it's true.

    now begins the wait.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Razor Ramon View Post
    I'm not falling for this bait.
    Fall for it, Razor. You know you want to.
    R.I.P. Paragon Studios

  7. GAF has a thread,

    so, it's probably real
    hold the phone


    uses same source. but again, it's real this time.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by supergrafxengine View Post
    I want this game.

  10. Anyway, if this is real, and it somehow turns out awesome, then holy shit.


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