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Thread: Official XBLA Thread

  1. The demo was pretty decent but I can't quite get over it's intentionally shitty art design, sorry.

  2. Why is the framerate so bad in that new World Series of Poker game?

    I mean, it's a POKER GAME, for Christ's sake.

    The thing has to be running at like 20 FPS tops.

  3. There's a Behemoth sale on Xbox Live, Battleblock Theater, Alien Hominid, and Castle Crashers are all $10 or less.

    There's also some Injustice/Batman Arkham Asylum sales on DLC characters and packs.

  4. Been playing some neat XBLA titles.

    Renegade Ops: Played the demo and really loved it, fun and good looking twin sticks shooter so I'm tempted to buy it immediately.

    The Splatters: Extremely good, sort of like Angry Birds but the mechanics are much different and awesome liquid/slime effects.

    Guwange: While this is a fugly game, the gameplay is extremely fun and holy shit do the later levels get crazy hard.

    Crimson Alliance: I played the free demo which apparently offers the classes in different packs and it's fun hack and slash action so if you liked Diablo III and want more of that this is worth a shot. I haven't bought it personally but I hope it's either discounted or free at some point.

    Snoopy Flying Ace: I stumbled onto this somehow but man what a fun game, if you liked Crimson Skies I think you'll dig this game although I don't know if the Peanuts license will detract from the experience but for me it was charming.

    The not so neat...

    Ascend Hand of Kul: This seemed like a decent F2P game until I noticed every single piece of armor and weapon wear out. The grinding is just too much for me in this one so I wished they fixed that. Kind of a shame too since it has some decent stuff in there.
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  5. Renegade Ops is GREAT.

  6. yep

  7. Yeah I'm vacillating between buying it and seeing if it comes to Games with Gold.

    It seems to have worthwhile DLC too.

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