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Thread: Official XBLA Thread

  1. Pac-Man CE was pretty damn good. So was Bomberman Live, but everyone seems to have stopped playing it.

  2. Because the bugs make it suck shit.

  3. You guys bitch about it all the time, what were the glitches?

    And yeah Uno is great.

  4. What about when the game loses its ability to detect hits and says everyone is a winner? Or when everyone dies and the game continues creating a draw game? Those are certainly annoying glithces.

  5. Yeah, I don't have the game and I've never played it. Fair enough.

  6. Boom Boom Rocket was very underrated.

  7. Boom Boom Rocket was very shitty.

  8. Boom Boom Rocket needs a price drop.

  9. Yeah, me no likey the Boom Boom. Pac-Man CE gets my vote.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Nirvana View Post
    Boom Boom Rocket needs a price drop.
    And more content.

    And more cover songs that don't totally butcher the spirit of their source material.

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