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Thread: So, uh... I drew a building

  1. So, uh... I drew a building

    My parent's biggest client (of 30+ years) retires this month. They wanted me to draw the building he works in so all of his co-workers could sign it.

    Been a long time since I got behind a Wacom tablet (or drew anything, really), but I think it went well.

  2. That looks great. Very photorealistic, while still maintaining some contour line-drawing charm. The treatment of all the glass reflections is nuts. I assume you were working from photo reference, but if not, awesome job catching details like the shadows cast from the fence onto the door (awesome job even if you were to including them). The distorted reflections are great too.

    How did you do it? The building lines look really clean like they were done in Illustrator, but stuff like the tree branches look freehand.

  3. I REALLY like the absence of a sky. Like, a whole fucking lot. Good work imo...

  4. Damn man, this is really really nice. I'd love to know your process in how you did this.
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  5. i would probably scan a pic into Photoshop and "trace" over it for a quick and dirty way. looks awesome Cheebs.

  6. Thanks Josh. As I was coloring, I just kept putting the sky off since I figured it would be the easiest part and time constraints pushed me to finish the difficult stuff. Upon seeing everything else colored and the sky white, I loved how it looked so I called it done.

    As for the process: Yeah, I worked off a photo. We went through Agilent's marketing photos of their building and none really fit since we wanted the back entrance. So I went out there to shoot some myself. Getting a camera on the grounds of an R and D site is a blast. Even after checking in and getting a camera pass, I still was questioned by security. Nice guys though...

    Anyway, after choosing the best picture I did some perspective adjustment in PS. Then I plopped the photo on a layer in Illustrator for some tracing. The only liberty I took was the glass reflection. The photo had mirror-perfect lines, but I thought free-hand lines would give the reflections some personality. After putting down the lines and choosing line weights I had this:

    So then it was back to Photoshop after exporting the lines as a BMP. The colors and organic stuff were all just painted on the tablet. Masks here, freehand there. I kept the original photo open on another layer so I could take colors with the eyedropper, but I ended up going more "cartoony" with the colors when the final color adjustments were made.

    I ended up keeping the line layer at about 65% opaque (multiply blend).

    Work was done at 300 dpi 11in by 14in.
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  7. I want that for like a wall paper, I'm absolutely in love with that picture.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Thief Silver View Post
    I want that for like a wall paper, I'm absolutely in love with that picture.
    Resize for great justice!

    There's the full one if you want high res.


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