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Thread: New work!

  1. New work!

    This is the third painting I've done since my show. I'm giving it a bit of public exposure here instead of my Myspace or more local forums, so it will be fresh when I show it later next year. Hope you guys like it. (Oil, pencil & conte crayon on canvas)

    First new scratchboard in quite a while. Probably one of my best.

    Newest Oil. Same model as the Scratchboard, but the SB is a better likeness.
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  2. i like it. the subdued colors are beautiful, as are the lines.

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    Is that Laura Prepon?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Scourge View Post
    Is that Laura Prepon?
    No, it is a girl that I work with that I got to pose for me. Oddly enough, she is a natural redhead too.

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    great design, great composition, I really like the feel of the top right corner. very nice work JM.

  6. Thanks guys!

    Here is the other big new one. Shitty pic but what the hey.

    Oil, pencil, & conte crayon on canvas

  7. it's love! i love the leaving of the frame.

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    These are awesome. The second one is a bit too "centered" for my tastes, but still wondrous.
    I took all your French Toast.

  9. updated in the first post

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    Great stuff!

    The colors seem really subdued, is that intentional? (er, in the paintings. not the scratchboard.)


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