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Thread: Quick Love Hina question

  1. Quick Love Hina question

    Whats the proper order to watch it in, including the specials?
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    Best I could find were the air dates on Wikipedia before I got bored looking.
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  3. Also. I have the series and all the manga. Are they different enough that I should go through one or the other first?
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  4. Josh, I think they keep the specials numbered like the rest of the episodes. So, technically the series is 25 episodes long, but they just add the specials to the end of the show. So after finishing the series, you go to the Christmas special(26), fallowed by the Spring special(27) and "again"(28)

    This was the first manga I ever read...I enjoyed it enough to finish the series, but then again I had nothing to compare it to at the time. Now I would say that it's just your average cliche harem story.

    Timber: I haven't seen enough of the anime to know if there's too much of a difference, all I know is the voices for the dubb really didn't match the characters. I think if you read the manga first you might be disgusted by the anime (frankly I thought it was crap). To each his own though.

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    I loved the manga, liked the anime less though =3
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  6. I've watched it before, but I'm on a kick again.

    I watched Video Girl Ai yesterday... I love that one <3

    I've ripped it to ipod format too (dub). If theres interest I'll up it.
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  7. Yeah, Eps first, then Christmas, Spring and Again.

    The TV series was good, but I loved the Manga alot more.

    Unfortunately I discovered that I can't share my love of the Manga here because people think I'm Hentai for liking it.
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  8. If I remember correctly, its not a good idea to watch Again. Everything wraps up so nicely, then Again fucks it all up.

    edit: I liked the Manga a lot too
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  9. Again is all sorts of broken.

    Christmas make me happy when I watch it during December.

  10. Again had some parts of later manga chapters, but the manga extends at least a book and a half after that. I preferred the specials, also because Again wasn't all that funny either.


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