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Thread: Games For Sale

  1. Games For Sale

    HI! Have some items here for sale. Check it out and PM me if more info are needed. All Items are listed with Condition. Domestic Shipping only please. THX! Feedback

    Dreamcast -

    *NEW* DC vs. Link Cable x3- This cable allows 2x Dreamcasts(Both Import and Domestic) to be linked together. The games that take advantage of this setup are Virtual On Oratorio Tangram and Ferrari F355 Challenge. Released in Japan Only! - $30 each

    *No Box or Manual* Dreamcast Panther by MadCatz - This is a Trackball+Flightstick Combo for First Person Shooters. $25 Linky

    Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves - Mint Condition with manual. No scratches or blemishes on disc. Domestic version $40

    *No Box or Manual* Turbo Grafx-16 System with Turbo CD Attachment - In Working Order. Comes with System, Controller, Ac Adapter, Video Cable, Cd Attachment Base with CD Drive and Interface Card. As an additional Bonus I'll include Y's Book I&II and Sherlock Holmes. $100 or Trade for NDS Lite

    Sega Saturn -

    Dragon Force 2 - Mint Condition with Manual and SpineCard. No Scratchs or any Blemishes on Disc. $40

    King of Fighters Best Collection - This Package contains KOF 95,96,97 and the ramcart for KOF 95. Outside Cardboard Box has been Opened to Check the Contents. The actual game Case is factory Sealed and the RamCard is still sealed with Sticker. $85

    Metal Slug - Mint Condition with Manual no SpineCard - Disc has no Deep Scratches but when held against light can see some light swirls. $30

    Salamander Delux Pack Plus - Mint Condition with manual no SPineCard. No Scratches or Blemishes on Disc. $60

    Akumajo Dracula X - Import Saturn version of Castlevania Symphony of the Night. No Scratches on Disc and no Blemishes. Comes with manual no Spine. $50

    Real Bout Fatal Fury Best Collection - Contains Both Real Bout and Real Bout Special. Both Discs are mint without blemish. Both manuals are mint with sharp edges and contains both registeration cards. $50

    N64 -

    Ogre Battle 64 - Mint and Complete with Box, Manual with all Inserts. $40

    PSONE -

    Final Fantasy VII(Import) - Comes wtih all 3 Discs with Manual. No SpineCard and Crack on back of CD Case. Light Swirls on Disc 1 but No Deep Scratches. $25

    Lunar Silver Star Story Complete - Complete and Mint with Cardboard Outer Box. No Scratches on the 4 Discs and comes with all the extras(Hardback Manual and Cloth Map etc.) $40

    Gamecube -

    Ikaruga(Import) with Freeloader - Both are Factory Sealed. Sold as a package . $40

    Neo Geo -

    Samurai Spirits 3 - Japanese AES Cart complete with Case, Manual/Baggie and Cart. No Scuffs, Scratches or Blemishes on Cart. Manual is mint with Sharp Edges, no Creases. No Defect on Box and Insert from what I can see. $90

    More items will be added as soon as I go through my collection and see what I wanna sell. Thx
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  5. Trustworthy seller (for those who don't know), my items swiftly came in very good packaging and in the exact conditions specified : )

  6. That bears a lot of weight, considering how long you've been around and teh post count. Thanks.

  7. Especially the very original email address as user name.

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  10. I bought Zelda: Majora's Mask from Gutsu618. It arrived just as described.


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