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Thread: Cross-stitch

  1. No, dave never ordered the stuff. And I'm about to begin a decent sized hummingbird picture for my grandparents for xmas, a word cloud picture like that snowman I made for my mom cept it's going to be a religious themed one (it's a candle next to a flower or a dove or something) and I'm making a set of tiny ariel necklaces for my sister. I've finished half of one necklace and it's going to be pretty cool, I'll put some tiny foamcore board behind it, then put some pretty blue fabric as the back and stitch them together to hide the seams inside, and maybe add some beads to the cord part. I think she'll really love them since she's allergic to most metals anyways.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Kyosalad View Post
    Definitely the weirdest of all the punk subgenres.

  3. They always have two bass players down tuned playing sustained notes. Ask Icarus about it.
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  4. Birth record I made for my sister's baby. I actually finished it not that long after he was born, but my sister didn't like part of the pattern, it originally had one small branch above the baby giraffe and cut off there, so I had to make the entire tree for her and all of the grass because it looked weird not filled in once I had made the tree part. So here it is ~4 months later. =p



  5. Also probably a month or more of that was me being super lazy about framing it. I have learned that I really fucking hate framing shit, if you said you'd pay me to frame something, it would still take me 2 months to do it.

  6. I love cross stitch but unfortunately, not as many people seem to do it these days as in the 80s or 90s. My dad has a frameshop and most of his customers were bringing in pieces of cross stitch works.


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