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Thread: Cross-stitch

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    Cross-stitch is kinda like knitting for dummies. It's super easy. Basically, you're given a pattern on a sheet of paper that looks like paint-by-numbers. It's just a grid where each square is assigned a different color (usually represented with a code). Then you take a needle and thread, a piece of cross-stitch fabric (has squares stamped into it), and stitch an "X" (this is where the "cross" comes in) of the appropriate color into the appropriate square. And repeat.

    That's pretty much it! Sometimes the pattern will call for lines (like in Hello Kitty's whiskers below.) This is easy, though. You just pull the thread straight across multiple squares.

    This person has made some videogame-themed cross-stitch buttons (among other cute little trinkets).

    This is pretty creative. Grid-patterned shirt required!
    Thanks for your sharing. I guess it must be very tired after you typing so many words. . In my country, cross stitch has a popularity. Many women kill their idle time by stitching cross stitch. Anyway, the cross stitch are really funky decoration piece to our house.

  2. Click my sig, I just made this ;D!! It took about 3 months because I had to teach myself backstitch and stem stitch via youtube videos because the diagrams in the instructions aren't very descriptive or helpful. I'm about to start a few halloween pictures after this until I get a giant frame for the huge masterpieces I have picked out. This is my dream frame for them ;D I currently have a 6" plastic frame but I think the wooden ones are supposed to hold the fabric tighter without marking it. In any case the pictures I have in mind are on fabrics 16x20 so my little hoop won't get the job done.
    I'm super surprised someone made a cross stitch thread on here but I'm completely thrilled I get to show off all my hard work now ;D!! I've also been looking into needlework/embroidery though that is mainly more focused on pillows and such but it doesn't seem like it should be much harder than the cross stitches I'm working on. Anyways I found some pretty interesting cross stitch applications on a few sites, figured I'd share them too. ~This~
    ++this++ --and This is pretty kool too--

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  4. Okay.. but they'll come out like etch n sketch boobs.

  5. Give them 3 meter diameters and then post a tiny picture of them up here so that they'll look photo realistic.

  6. lmao Shouldn't be too hard to find flesh tone colors to make it realistic enough, the hard part will be shading it correctly I think..I'll break out the paintshop and see what I can do though ;p

  7. I just finished this for my little sister's birthday. Another pic. They're kind of bad but the darker one shows the details better, but I guess the brighter one shows the colors better lol

    In any case, pictures this tiny really suck for the eyes to work on ;_;

  8. They're not that bad.
    I like how you can see the outline of the bra.
    Keep up the good work!

  9. lol fuck you, it's too hot to be wearing undershirts okay. Besides, it's a dark bra anyways ;p


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