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Thread: Cross-stitch

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    Man, that one in the middle is blitzed.

  2. Drunk off all that cider XD
    I think I made myself two prescriptions blinder making that picture, it has really tiny beads outlining the pumpkins, on intervals of the border, and on the eyes/mouth/nose(but you can't see those at all, even if you click the thumbnail) I think I'll get a digital camera soon cause this webcam isn't cutting it lol

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    I think it's sexy.

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    Where is my sexy kitten jacket?

  5. lol..I'll post it on etsy and you can buy it off me ;p What color kitties were you looking for?

  6. Pink. duh

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	angel_kitty003.jpg 
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  8. LMAO If I made that shit, I would expect you to wear it to every PAX ;p

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    I've never been to one of those, but I'd wear it every day out and about. No lies, I want one.

  10. Alright then, better take some nice pose pics of running errands in it ;p I'll start it next year when I get my hugehuge frame


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