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Thread: 1080i vs 720p

  1. 1080i vs 720p

    I was just wondering has anyone noticed a considerable difference between the two? My PS3 upscalled Spiderman 3 to 1080i, I decided to watch the entire thing in 1080i and it looked very damn good, and the HD sound is a whole nother topic in itself, but I'm just wondering what are peoples thoughts on 1080i.
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  2. 720p benefits more from a smaller screen. I'd say if you have a 37 inch or lower then 720p is a better fit. Any larger and 1080i usually has an advantage.

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    I'd use whichever is the native resolution of your television.

  4. I currently have a 32 inch, and I watched Spidey3 in 1080i, I think I switch it over to 720p, and see if there is a huge difference.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    I'd use whichever is the native resolution of your television.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Zerohero View Post
    HD sound
    I have a bridge I'd like to sell you.

  7. Samsung sells speakers that supposedly have 1080p surround sound capability.

    Whatever the fuck that could mean.

  8. the sound has 1080 lines of vertical resolution. and you better buy it you dumb fucking consumer.

  9. ...and the audio resolution is progressively scanned, meaning it produces every line of sound resolution on each pass, unlike interlaced sound, which produces every other line of resolution on each pass.
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  10. I know a guy who swears that Blu-Ray movies sound more "uncompressed", and therefore better, than HD-DVDs. He also claims every single DVD now sounds like shit and are unwatchable because of the audio.

    He also claims my setup sounds like shit because I bought a $4.00 6 foot HDMI cable and he paid $120.00 for his 4 foot cable

    I call him Captain McDouchey-pants.
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