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Thread: The Wii is still sold-out everywhere?

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    The Wii is still sold-out everywhere?

    Seriously? 350-400 dollars on e-bay?
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  2. Walmart has a shit-ton in their backrooms. Saving them for the weekend, I guess. One of the department managers I know refuses to hold them all, and has been selling them to anyone that asks for one.

    I also saw an entire pallet of them at Fry's Electronics last Friday. If they're consistantly selling for $400, I might pick up a few and eBay them myself.
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  3. We get them in every now and then but it's pretty sad how rare they are a full year later, especially when theres only one good game on the system and it just came out last week.

  4. i have an extra i bought a frys last friday. got it for a friend for his kids but the dude went out the day before and bought one of the 400 dollar ones.

    frys sucks though because they made me buy a wiimote charger and a wii sports controller set. wouldnt sell it without them

  5. There's a bunch at the GameStop near me. They've had at least three the last couple times I walked in there.
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  6. Fry's is getting as bad as Gamestop with their forced bundle bullshit.

    For a couple of weeks I'd run across one or two a few months ago, but the supply has once again disappeared.

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    I got a second one yesterday at Toys R Us to give to my family (parents/young siblings) for Christmas. I was actually there to get Uncharted and happened to catch them opening boxes.

  8. My girlfriend reserved one at Circuit City and had it within the week. So that's an idea if you're looking to get one.

  9. If Target has the Wii in any Sunday ad, they will have it Sunday morning. Each store is instructed to keep them in the backroom until Sunday if it is on ad.
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    I might check into my local wal-mart on Monday. Blue laws keep stores closed on Sundays, and so when shit like this occurs on Sunday I usually have a good chance of catching it at my local places on Monday.

    It's how I got my launch Wii so easily.
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