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Thread: The "I Just Watched..." Thread

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    And it's the best movie about the 80s not made in the 80s.
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    Where am I anyway? - I only registered on here to post on this thread

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    Watched Atomic Blonde. It scratched the stylized action itch Marvel movies and shows can't reach. Feels a lot like a Seijin Suzuki movie in its use of color and subordinating plot* to watching cool-looking people do cool things coolly, but without all the Peckinpah zooms. In fact, for a movie that trades so heavily on style, the camera is surprisingly orthodox, only moving when absolutely necessary aside from two on-the-nose shots that begin completely upside down. A single shot accounts for what must have been a 5-8-minute fight scene beginning in a stairwell and ending in a car chase. Does this mean we're out of the 50-cut-a-minute Bourne handycam woods?

    This rarely bothers me and it's a really pedantic thing to complain about, but it does that '80s movie thing where it just throws every Now That's What I Call Music chart-topper in there regardless of year and context. There's no way the young, dyed-mohawk 1989 East German resistance was listening to the then-six-year-old 99 fucking Luftballons.

    * It's possible plot machinations only seemed tertiary because I couldn't follow them. Never can in spy movies. I just kind of entrusted the movie to know what it was doing. Still don't know who Bakhtin was or where The List (a convenient catalogue of all the spies in all the agencies in all the countries...?) even came from.
    Movie was inspired by John Wick so I would compare it to that to see if it has a similar style camera wise. Regarding plot: Ya the end of that one was kinda a shit show, but it was going for the whole "oooh spies you can't trust em" vibe. Been a while since I saw it but here's what I THINK I remember. Bakhtin is the German/KGB defector that they were trying to bring across the border. He has one copy of the list memorized, its his bargaining chip. Here is where I get foggy. The other version of the list is what gets stolen from 008 (or whoever gets murdered at the beginning of the movie). It's either on the watch he's wearing or somehow is accessed by the watchmaker. OK now i just forget but that seems right. Either way Charles Xavier kills the KGB agent that killed 008 and that's how he gets to see the actual list. I think.She was the double agent. Who was actually a triple agent but the Russians didn't know it. Nor did Charles Xavier, which is why he wanted to expose her, and why she had to kill him.

    What I never could understand was if the defector had the list memorized why did he let her try to do the mission?

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    Does this mean we're out of the 50-cut-a-minute Bourne handycam woods?
    I haven't seen Paul Greengrass' name in The Dead Thread.

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