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Thread: The "I Just Watched..." Thread

  1. Iíve read a bit about theories that the reason why they didnít report her is because of fear of being ostracized from the Mormon church. I think the documentary greatly played down the hold the church has on peopleís lives - where the majority of this behavior isnít normal, but in a cult it is! The documentarian reported that she was pretty frustrated with the whole thing.

    But yeah I mean the dude was clearly gay/bi and the mom was looking to stir things up, and their daughter ultimately paid the price. Also, there was zero mention of Bs own daughters!!!!!!!
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  2. There was a lot of stuff that was glossed over/left out of the movie, seemingly in favor of delivering an ever-elevating series of "omg" moments. The director has actually said that she's working on a sequel that will go into other aspects of the case that they didn't initially cover.

    BTW, I loved how clearly pissed off the FBI agent was at the family. Can't blame the guy.

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  3. Boo, Hiss.

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    Alita was great. I'd say the best Japan anime/manga conversion into a real life movie since Speed Racer.

  5. Leaving Neverland and Abducted in Plain Sight are the same movie. Shit tier parents who are in love with their childís tormentors giggle and laugh while their child is sexually assaulted. I swear to god.
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  6. Best to skip the Corey Feldman and maccauley culkin biopics then...

  7. I just finished watching The 8 bit Generation: The Commodore Wars, on You Tube. It's a real shame that a lot of computer documentaries talk about Apple and IBM's importance in home computing and just totally overlook the impact that Commodore had on home computers.

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  8. I knew a lot of people who had Commodore machines. Every school had them, too. I've only ever seen two Apple II machines, and I don't know anyone who had an IBM at home.
    If Commodore hadn't been run by crooks and idiots, Apple probably would have gone out of business in the mid-nineties.

  9. We must get different videos pushed to us because just about everything computer related in my recommendations aside from LGR is commodore and Atari based.

  10. I have never seen an actual Commodore 64 in my life. I have seen many many Apple IIe's and Apple II clones
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