Episode 2 of Creepshow was...a little better than the lackluster first one? The first segment ("Bad Wolf Down"), which is a werewolf story set in Nazi-occupied France during WW2 (and starring the awesome Jeffrey Combs hamming it up as the villain) was actually pretty good and had a lot of the humor and presentation that you would associate with the original 1982 movie. It wasn't great or anything, but it was probably the best segment thus far and, unlike the others, actually fit with the Creepshow aesthetic the most.

The second segment ("The Finger") had an interesting premise but completely sucked in execution. It's not as worthless as the first segment of episode 1 was, but it's a close second. The humor was forced and not funny, and the fourth-wall breaking main character was just annoying and unlikable. Bob, the little murderous creature that the "finger" eventually grows into was cool, however, but I would have liked to have seen him in a better short than this.

So far, Creepshow overall is kinda eh. It seems that each episode so far contains one decent segment counter-balanced by one crap one. It's like the people making it have never seen the 1982 film and were just given a checklist of things that they needed to include...a checklist that they sometimes don't even bother to look at.