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Thread: The "I Just Watched..." Thread

  1. Looking forward to Expanse!

  2. Guess it upped early? Watching first episode now.

  3. Yeah they dropped it a few hours early. I unfortunately got stuck w/work. But tonight. Tonight I shall watch.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite View Post
    De-aged Sam Jackson was the same way during Captain Marvel. Guess they couldn't CG a believable running animation for him.
    Yeah, seems off. Isn't there a way for them to do the Tarkin/Leia thing but more believable now?
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  4. Speaking of de-aging and believability, this clip of De Niro beating down a shopkeeper in The Irishman is just embarrassing.

    BTW, why does the glass shatter so easily? Geez.
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  5. The de-aging in that was mostly...not good.

    But even when it was ok, the uncanniness of young looking dude with an old man walk was disbelief breaking.

  6. lol that boot at 59 seconds.

  7. Why did the window break when the guy got close to it?

  8. The Saiyan energy coming off of DeNiro was too much for it.

  9. And it's not like Scorsese hasn't filmed a full million brutal beatdowns before. Weird.

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  10. The Witcher ainít bad. I assumed it would be total shit based on the reviews but I like it. I hope for multiple seasons. The fights are great and the production values are stellar. The timeline jumps all over but itís tolerable.
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