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Thread: The "I Just Watched..." Thread

  1. That movie is great. It is every beat em up video game.
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  2. Final Fight and Bubblegum Crisis owe that movie some money.
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  3. So a lot of movies are being massively delayed due to coronavirus shit, but mostly blockbuster stuff. FF9, Black Widow, Mulan, etc.

  4. t-t-t-t-t-t-t-TV roundup.

    Rewatched: Mad Men and currently rewatching Sopranos. Mad Men is devastating on rewatch. It goes by so fast!! It's insane to think there's not even that many episodes. It seemed like such a chronicle when it was airing.
    Sopranos is actually a little easier to take on rewatch.

    Young Pope/New Pope: Best show to come out in a decade. A visual masterpiece.
    Better Call Saul: A little eh on this season so far. I know I have to finish it, but it's suffering the same fate as the final season of breaking bad. I know everyone will get the In Water ending, and it's going to go badly.
    The Plot Against America: First episode down. Despite the subject matter, I don't like it as much as I liked the first episode of Man in the High Castle. Winona is a treasure though, and I look forward to her plot line.
    Curb Your Enthusiasm: It's great.
    The Outsider: what a fucking letdown. The first two episodes were really good, the rest was a wet blanket of a nothing-fest. Can't believe I watched the whole dumb thing.
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  5. Rise of the Skywalker - it was okay, bringing Palpatine back was lame as hell, and redeeming Kylo seemed so easy, he should never have turned to the dark side to begin with. It feels really rushed probably because they have to pretend TLJ didn't exist. I like some of the new side creatures/characters (Dio). I almost feel like they should have made 2 movies instead to set up a proper villain. The whole Rey thing just didn't work for me. She just never seem like she could ever lose, so there is little drama to any of the battles or personal triumph.

    I rewatched Infinity War/End Game this weekend and RotS just made me appreciate MCU so much more. SW can't even do 3 movies cohesively while MCU pulled off a miracle.
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  6. I watched the finale of Star Trek: Picard last night. I didn't realize that the show already had a second season planned, so I was actually surprised by the ending. It seemed like it could have wrapped up nicely, but I'm a sucker for sci-fi, so I'm glad it will continue.

    It's a weird show, but if you can tolerate the impossible coincidences and absurd pace of events that are typical of ST, I think you would enjoy it.

    It would probably have been better to binge watch, since the episodes are not very episodic.

    CBS has a one month trial if you want to check it out for free but don't like pirating shit.

  7. I have no idea where Kipo and The Age of The Wonderbeasts came from (it's on Netflix) but it's completely awesome. Gorgeous animation, fun story, surprisingly good action, and the soundtrack rules.

    Season 3 of Castlevania is good but not as good as season 2.

  8. My only complaint about season 3 is that the humor is a bit too 'anime' for my liking, if that makes any sense.

  9. Yeah, it does. Also, that one female vampire is super horny.

  10. Almost up to season 3 myself. I've also heard it's not quite as good. We'll see!

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