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Thread: The "I Just Watched..." Thread

  1. I ended up paying for a month of Amazon Prime, so I decided to check out Knives Out, starring Daniel Craig. He's a PI that got hired by an anonymous client to invesitigate the suicide of a well known author. It was a pretty good murder mystery and I loved Craig's character. It's definitely worth a watch.
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  2. Nebraska - I like Alexander Payne's films, and this one didn't disappoint. It is a father/son journey where they found out a bit more of themselves. All the characters seem very miserable/melancholic, but the ending was quite sweet. The humor is very dark, especially with the mother. Bruce Dern/Will Forte were very very good, it was only a few years before that Forte was MacGruber. I really love this film, there are so many little scenes where the camera just linger for a bit for the full effect.

  3. Sons of Anarchy. Reaction: what is this shit?

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