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Thread: The "I Just Watched..." Thread

  1. Quote Originally Posted by gamevet View Post
    What do you think about Enterprise? I started watching season 1, and while it's hit or miss, I did enjoy the the final 2 seasons of the show when I'd watched it during its run.
    Haven't watched that one at all, so we'll have to see. I think I need a break from outer space since I rewatched The Expanse prior to TNG.
    - calianaderderajhfjdjjdskk

  2. Manos: the hands of fuck

    "Question the world man... I know the meaning of everything right now... it's like I can touch god." - bbobb the ggreatt

  3. Quote Originally Posted by kedawa View Post
    I thought Enterprise started to get good in season 2, but season 3 kind of faltered. I think it would have gotten better if they hadn't rushed to wrap everything up. I liked the episodes with Shran the most.
    Iíve been watching Discovery. Season 1 was pretty rough but my brother told me season 2 gets good w the (re) introduction of Captain Pike. He was right and Iíve been enjoying it ever since.

  4. Other good shit I've watched recently.

    - Watchmen: I'm up to 3 rewatches now... I think I may like it as much as (if not more than) Six Feet Under. Unbelievably phenomenal writing. Plus, Lube Man.
    - Kim's Convenience: Nice and light-hearted, funny, but well written.
    - Schitt's Creek: Just an all around great show. Deserves all the praise it gets.
    - Ted Lasso: Huge surprise at how good this show was.
    - The Tick: Amazon's version. Serafinowicz rules and the second season was really good.
    - Insecure: Another all around great show. Really funny, awesome soundtrack.
    - calianaderderajhfjdjjdskk

  5. Wayne - is a YouTube Premium series bought by Prime. It’s really fantastic! It has the dark fatalism of 30’s WB crime movies and 40’s film noir, but with 80’s cavalry and wanton violence. The Mayhem guy’s in it too and a lot of shitty Boston accents.
    "Question the world man... I know the meaning of everything right now... it's like I can touch god." - bbobb the ggreatt

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