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Thread: The "I Just Watched..." Thread

  1. Quote Originally Posted by youandwhosearmy View Post
    I just watched Primer again the other night.

    The best movie I've ever seen where I knew less that 20% of what was going at all times. Its confusing as fuck, but worth it. It really is kind one of those movies where little things character's say ("Why can't I write any more...") screw with you entirely. The most realistic look at time travel I've ever seen in a movie.

    What freaks me out the most about this movie is when their ears start bleeding. I was like oh god something really bad is going to happen to them. I have a basic understanding of this movie from the Wiki but there are layers upon layers of shit you could get into. Good movie.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by YellerDog View Post
    He spent the entire afternoon and evening getting caught up on Robocop movies.

    That's so cool.
    A good way to spend a day, to be sure. Has he spent a day getting caught up on Die Hard movies yet?

  3. That's a good idea. I'll put him on those next.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by YellerDog View Post
    I hope the books are better (they'd almost have to be, as the Cold War was completely stripped out of the movies, right?).
    It's been so long I could barely tell you what went on in them, just that I loved them. There is an exception to that, however, which is The Book of Bond, or Every Man His Own 007 which has been a personal treasure of mine since I was a wee lad. It's a step-by-step method of lying your way into pretending you're a 007 agent, i.e. To explain away pockmarks on your face just tell the lady you're with, "When that bulletproof glass goes, it really goes."
    He spent the entire afternoon and evening getting caught up on Robocop movies.

  5. Shit yeah. I think he got a little misty when Officer Lewis got gunned down, actually.

  6. Cocoanuts: This is an interesting movie when seeing for the first time in this day and age, as at once it seems both modern and incredibly old. Groucho's speech feels a little dated but only to the point of maybe a decade at most, whereas the singing and dancing and general level of coherence in the writing feel more like the actual time period when it took place.

    As a vaudeville act and being filmed by early Hollywood it has the overall appearance of filming a high school talent show these days (except one where the acts are all pretty good). Cast members are ever looking at the camera or crew members by accident and then realizing what they're doing get a worried expression and quickly look away, the transitions to and from specialized acts like the harp playing are random at best, and the acting is always very stage. But the genius here is the quickness, wit, and often sheer pun nature of the writing (and Harpo's physical comedy, god bless him) that make it a joy whenever the Marx brothers are the ones in conversation.

    As it being their first major production and first movie I'm actually a little surprised it made me laugh as much as I did, I had expecting something less for their initial outing. The way that it seems many regard them to only improve as these films go on gives me more joy as I had planned on watching them in chronological order anyway. Also, as this debuted in 1929, this is definitely among the (if not the) oldest films I've watched all the way through.

    p.s. The dual bedroom scene was amazing.

  7. Watched "The Man Who Wasn't There" last night. Thorton needs to be in more black & white movies. His face is built perfectly for it. Tony Shaloub (sp?) is amazing, too.

  8. I saw that a few years ago, and though I don't remember it specifically that well, it certainly left a great impression on me overall. You can hardly ever go wrong with the Coens.

  9. Wonderful movie to use for drawing reference. So cool.

  10. Just watched Commando. 'Nuff Said.

    My Indian roommate instantly gained full American citizenship merely through watching it. Amazing!
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