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Thread: The "I Just Watched..." Thread

  1. I watched My Fair Lady with my daughter.
    I love Audrey Hepburn.

  2. Me too. She's cuuute.

  3. Me and a buddy watched the always amazing total recall, we were both quite pleased. Especially since my HDMI cable finally came today.

  4. i watched Knocked Up the past couple of days. movie was pretty meh and just seemed to drag. couple of funny spots though.

    just started to watch 10th and Wolf last night. good so far.

  5. I watched SuperBad a week ago and thought it was just ok. Kinda disappointed really. Thought it was suppose to be great.

    Bought Pirates 3. Was just ok. Special effects are great but the story seems to jump around alot and doesnt explain enough.

    And Die Hard 4 was indeed the shit. Boo to whomever didn't enjoy it.
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  6. Dreamcast

    Collateral. Michael Mann owns. "Five Queen Four Nine Nine Seven Four"

    Watch out for Black Pedro this Christmas TNL!
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  7. Dreamcast

    Don't stop believin'/hold on to that feelin'

    Guess what I just finished up.
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  8. Cronenberg's Naked Lunch - I've not read the book, but I understand the film is quite different. I was unaware that William S. Burroughs had so much influence. The film itself is tough to understand, but there are enough extras on the excellent Criterion set to explain just what the hell is going on and why. Peter Weller is brilliant.

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  9. Yeah I tried to watch that with the GF a while back and i didn't have a clue what was going on.

  10. #70
    Lots of... orifices... in that movie.

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