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Thread: Car Suggestions

  1. You can buy a 2007 model at mark-down prices.

    I highly recommend Toyota. The company I work for uses Toyota Tacoma pickups for service vehicles. They get great gas mileage and have a very reliable service record. We have one truck with over 280,000 miles on it and we've had very few incidences of major repairs. I swear, you'd have to treat a Toyota vehicle like complete dogshit, for it to have any major problems.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by MarkRyan View Post
    Naw, that's about right according to this payment calculator. A five year loan at the same rate would've bumped payments up just $30, and would've saved, in the long run, about $400. He probably did not make a down payment, so he financed the whole $13,500.
    That's correct. It was actually a $14000 loan (I used the extra 500 to help with the taxes on the vehicle). Had I put any kind of down payment, I could have brought my payments into the sub $200 range easily. But since I didn't want to sell my previous car, I just financed the whole thing.

    My sister just bought a 2004 Audi A4, and because she put a certain amount down, her payments are roughly equal to mine.
    How much did you put down dole? And what's your interest rate?
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  3. Ah, okay. I didn't know there wasn't any down payment involved. That's not bad, then.

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  4. I'm looking forward to paying off my car, it'll be sweet to not have any more payments.

  5. I paid off my car the day I bought it.

    bling bling nigga.

  6. Damn, how much did you sell your TV for?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite View Post
    I'm paying $260 a month on a 5 year loan for my brand-new 2008 Corolla Sport. A Scion XB runs about the same price (new, anyway) sounds like you fucked bad on your deal.
    Corolla really are great cars. my family used to have an 84. no major problems ever and got rid of it maybe 5 years ago. they also still have a 94 that had some wonky electrical problem (light wouldnt turn off) but it somehow fixed itself and aside from some rusting through under the doors still starts like day one.

    i myself bought an '03 grand am gt (brand new in 02) and while i have never had any issues i wish i had bought something with four wheels for the snow. it handles good enough until that heavy, wet snow falls. then it tends to get stuck.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Rumpy View Post
    I'm looking forward to paying off my car, it'll be sweet to not have any more payments.
    The best thing about owning a piece of shit is that I paid for it entirely on the spot. It only cost twice as much as my laptop did. Even after the few maintenance issues I've had, shit, it's just fantastic not paying much on it.

    The 30+ mpg helps, too.

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    I thought for sure that was going to say Rice

  10. Did you guys know you can own a japanese car and not rice it out? It's truly amazing.


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