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Thread: The Rock Band Thread

  1. The Rock Band Thread

    Since the first thread has grown to retirement age, here's the sequel. Commence with the rocking and banding.

  2. I can finally see the leaderboards. When is the real community site coming? (where you can make merch and the like)

    And when is Corey vs Korly going to rock again?

  3. I'm still waiting to hear about GHIII guitar compatibility- it's seems like it's still in limbo
    steam: Mrs Esterhouse

  4. Buy a 360.

  5. All they said was December, but I'm thinking it's going to be pretty iffy to be before Xmas if it doesn't hit by the start of next week.

  6. The drums are shit. I was playing at a friend's today and it wasn't responsive at all.

  7. Eh, they've been working fine for me since launch. Probably a bad kit. Isn't surprising, considering the guitar problems.

  8. #8
    This is out for PeeEssTwo tomorrow. I'm thinking about picking up a game-only edition and going half with a friend from the studio for the kit. Rock Band at work, Rock Band at home.

    (apparently pushed back to the 18th. all the broke-ass equipment for the big kid systems seems to have had an effect.)
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  9. I am free whenever with a bit of warning (most likely)
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    On the way to the stock exchange
    He got some wild, wild life

  10. Not that I have been studying these last few nights anyways, but I wll be done with my last final here in about 2 hours or so. If I can pull myself away from messing around with FCS2, then I would be much interested in rocking out.

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