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Thread: Today's Random News

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    I did get that feeling sometimes. She would call my metal music 'rat killing music'

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    Teen girls in Florida get caught with murder list

    Not to let them off the hook, but they were most likely not going to do it. For better or not, young women are conditioned to not follow through.

    Also, these commenters would be disturbed to know just how many teen girls think about this stuff.

  3. They have to take this shit seriously thanks to Arya.

  4. Iím glad girl sociopaths are finally getting their due.
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    Study finds that the more racist you are, the less likely you are to know you are racist

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    Study finds that the more sinful you are, the less likely you are to know you are sinful
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  8. Well if 'being raped' is a sin like most western religion practices seem to like it, robots are sinning all over the place.
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

  9. reposting this sinful delight of an article in response, just because I love the headline

  10. How do people still buy into that stuff with all the wealth of knowledge available? The propagation of information over the Internet has just made a lot of people even worse. 😑

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