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Thread: Today's Random News

    hey, check out it's a lot of rezo's comics

  2. This is going to be the real test for the Biden presidency. Is he going to allow this completely legal happening to happen or is he going to step in and squash it just because it's the super rich people losing money. Stock market is gambling if the rich people lose their going to look for bailouts and that's unconscionable.

  3. LOL. I've seen a lot of that "Stop. Don't. Come back." meme in response to all this. I also like "oh no the wrong people are manipulating the stock market we must stop them" and another person calling it rich people astrology and/or rich people mood ring. But it's really goddamned frustrating to know that we'll see a bailout for Wall Street soon, then arguing/filibuster/eventual "no" for helping all the people Trump fucked over.
    hey, check out it's a lot of rezo's comics

  4. Rich people already got their bailout from CARES act. Of course it won't stop them from getting more.

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