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Thread: Super Ultra Street Fighter 4 Turbo Alpha Gold Championship Edition'

  1. Super Ultra Street Fighter 4 Turbo Alpha Gold Championship Edition'

    I've compiled what is known so far. Please add any additions or corrections in the thread if you have any so I can update it.

    General info
    • No platform confirmed. Though it may first appear in arcades first because a listing for SF4 was shown at AM-Net's AOU2008 show site (video only).
    • Will be 3D with 2D gameplay and camera flourishes.
    • Built with a new engine that is designed specifically for SFIV, with an eye toward using it for possible future revivals of old 2D fighting franchises.
    • Facial expressions/animations are in the game.
    • Takes place between SF2 and SF3.
    • Confirmed characters so far: Ken, Ryu, Chun-Li, and Dhalsim. Akuma was also seen in some sketches according to Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas. Either way, expect most (if not all) of the classic SF2 characters to return along with some new faces.
    • There will be lots of stages/backgrounds, but now they won't be linked to each character, they will be visited randomly.
    • The game is 10% completed according to Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas (EGM said 2%).
    • Online play will be a main focus.
    • Downloadable content is expected.
    • Release date not confirmed, but Capcom are aiming for a 2008 release date, but has stated that it won't be released until it's ready.

    • No parries.
    • The game will be more offensively orientated than SF3.
    • There will be 2 gauges: a revenge gauge along with the normal super gauge.
    • Super Gauge
      • Fills up as you attack and is used for super combos.
      • Can do an ultra combo once your super gauge is full and you have at least 3/4 revenge gauge meter.
    • Revenge Gauge
      • The revenge gauge is segmented into 4 bars.
      • Builds up as you block or take damage from attacks.
      • Pressing heavy punch and heavy kick simultaneously will make your character perform a saving strike/chargeback move (1 revenge guage bar). This will give your character temporary invincibility for a brief moment.
      • If you have three-quarters or full Revenge gauge stored up, you can instead hold both buttons to make your character do an unblockable, charged, super-powerful attack (that also renders you momentarily invincible).
      • You can also use the revenge guage to perform an EX move (1 stock).
      • Dashing forward or backwards during saving strikes and EX moves will cancel it.

    Gameplay Footage

    Link Repository
    1UP's Four Weeks of Street Fighter Blowout
    SF4 info from Hobby Consolas
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  2. I edited your title

  3. I added a thread description

  4. I hadn't seen the videos yet. Better than I expected. Still not as close to "2.5D" as Battle Fantasia, but not too far, either,

  5. My first time seeing the gameplay vids too. Doesnt look too bad for how early it is. I now have a teeny bit of hope.
    Korly-"Everyone here is an asshole, SURPRISE!"

  6. It's looking good, but not my kind of artistic direction. Then again Ono said he wanted to recapture the look of SF2, and by today's standard I think that game is ugly as sin. Yet people still hold to the notion that SF2 looks more realistic and therefore better than SFA or SF3. Which completely boggles my mind.
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    Careful. We're talking about games here. Fun isn't part of it.

  7. Takes place between SF2 and SF3
    I wonder why they did that.

  8. So they can cram as many SF2 people as they can and try to get the casual players. Ono seems to be trying to forget SF3 ever existed.

  9. Yeah, I'd like this a lot better if it were a sequel to SF3.

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