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Thread: Super Ultra Street Fighter 4 Turbo Alpha Gold Championship Edition'


  2. Quote Originally Posted by Tigana View Post
    Um, SF2 is more popular then SF3, there's a reason Udon started with SF2 comics in America and not SF3.
    Udon actually started with the Alpha story first, then they worked on SFII. So I think they were just going in order. It looks like now they'll be cycling through the SFII: Turbo, SF3, and SF Legends: Chun Li comics each month when they start releasing comics again Summer 2008, but that's probably just them trying not to make people wait months on end for a new issue like before. You're still right about SF2 being more popular than SF3 though.

    I really don't understand the qqing about the number at all. Does it matter at all? And in all honesty, do you think other people wanted to play as SF2 characters in their fifties? I surely don't. I'd rather have them make up a brand new cast instead of that.
    I'm not sure about their 50's. But I'd love seeing Ryu with new moves post-Oro training. And who'd to say that a SF3 sequel will have everyone in their 50s? SF3 takes place only 5 years after SF2.

    I also agree that the numbering is a stupid thing to complain about. Capcom knows that the SF4 name alone will get more people interested than SF Beta or whatever and they're smart to use it to get more players. It does irk me a little that this game isn't following the numbering scheme that has already established. Numbered games for actual SF tournaments with non-tournament games having some sort of subtitle, but we'll all live as long as the game is good at the end.

  3. Wow, thats the first time I've seen those two gameplay videos, and I must say I'm pretty impressed with the art style. It has a really unique look to it while still harkening back to SF2 in its color pallette. While I'm sad we won't be seeing a HD 2d fighter, this is probably the next best thing. Here's hoping the roster has plenty of original characters.

  4. Yeah, those videos were pretty new (late yesterday or early today) since they released after the 1UP Special. I was confirming some info for the 1st post and I saw them there.

    I've been thinking about the original characters... and I don't think it'll be too far fetched if Ono were to add the other new characters that got canned from Capcom Fighting All-Stars. Ingrid made it to Capcom Fighting Evolution after it got canceled and somehow even appeared in Alpha 3 Max for PSP.

  5. What bothers me is not so much the time-line weirdness, as much as, not seeing a return of my favorites from SF3. As enjoyable as SF2 in most of its iterations, I still feel like I'm going back to same ol', same ol' whenever I play a character from it. I played Ken and Ryu and Chun Li for few rounds and quickly became bored. Playing as Yang or Dudly or Makoto made it fresh for me (of course the new play mechanics were nice as well).

    I just hope there are new characters that can give some new and varied play styles. Oh, and I like the idea of a returning Guile, but only if he gets a new goddamn move.
    A is for action

  6. Were there any loketest impressions on All-Stars? It really doesn't look horrible.

    Like a Rival School'd SF or something.

  7. From what I've read, everyone hated it. Here's some actual gameplay.

  8. #28
    I too cant stand the SF2 cast. Besides Guile and the shoto's none of them bring back fond memories of anything. SF3 is just a better game and its annoying how he dismisses it so easily.

    Also as far as the art style i dont like it. Looks like Epic style of art. Big and Bulky for the hell of it.
    I'm listening to the Retronauts ep on Street Fighter. And they are playing the music in between segments. Dam that music was good.
    Remastering of the og music would be really nice.

  9. Was that a fatality?


  10. Quote Originally Posted by Tain View Post
    Was that a fatality?

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