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Thread: Official Xbox 360 Thread

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    Nx should b a nw kyboard.

  2. So, the top left tile of the home screen, the one that launches the game in the DVD drive, is apparently now ad space.
    Mine currently has a picture of some Windows Phone game, but still says "Play Street Fighter 4" at the bottom

    EDIT: This stupid "Kingdoms & Lords" game is showing up over top of about one on five games when I go to "My Games".

    This is just about the stupidest form of advertising I've ever seen. There isn't even a way to buy it. It just gets displayed in place of the proper artwork for games.
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  3. So I just spent the entire day trying to get my system online. Everything was fine last night, but today it wouldn't connect. After doing everything MS support site suggested, it still wouldn't work, so I called tech support and spent hours fucking with the system and the network. I even gave them remote desktop access so they can confirm that my router settings were fine, and even though my connection is perfect, it just can't connect to XBL. It makes no sense and even after elevating the issue to a more knowledgeable technician, we couldn't figure out what the issue is. I was told that they have never seen a problem like this before.

    The worst part is that one of the suggested steps that I tried before calling was to delete and re-download my profile, which didn't work, leaving me with no profile and no access to 8+ years worth of save data. Yay! I'm sick, it's a long weekend, and my console is fucked. I also have half a year of XBL left that I can no longer make use of.

    I'm hoping that I can just download my profile onto a friend's machine, move it to a USB drive, and then transfer it to my console. Otherwise, I'm fucked.

  4. Downloading your profile won't be a problem, but if you didn't put any game saves to the cloud you're SOL there.

  5. I don't think he deleted his saves, he just can't use them without his profile.

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    I like doing stuff with animals and kids

  6. Yeah, my saves are still there, but they say "unknown profile" or something. I'm kicking myself for deleting the profile when I could have just removed the hard drive while troubleshooting instead.

  7. fixed itself!

    I don't know what the problem was, but unplugging the console for an hour seems to have fixed it. Either that, or there was something up with XBL that wasn't showing on their live status page.

    Much ado about nothing, I guess.

  8. Is there still no way to turn off auto renewal without immediately cancelling gold?
    If I try to cancel auto-renewal from the website, it says it will cancel gold immediately, which seems very sketchy to me.

  9. Next time it comes up deny the charges. Worked for me.

  10. I just cancelled anyway to see what would happen.
    Apparently it's just a scare tactic to keep you from cancelling auto-renewal. It tells you that you'll lose access to XBL Gold if you click cancel, but after clicking "cancel" it goes to a page that says you'll lose access when the current sub expires.
    It's pretty lame, especially since the instructions they give you for cancelling auto-renewal are wrong(probably outdated, if we're giving MS the benefit of the doubt) and tell you to select an option that isn't there.

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