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Thread: FS/FT: Goodies and not so goodies...

  1. Opa Walking FS/FT: Goodies and not so goodies...

    Here's some stuff I'd like to get rid of


    -Neo Geo Pocker Color to Dreamcast Link Cable - $Offers
    US Edition. Complete with sealed box. (Actually its not sealed, edges of silver seals have come up and separated from stoage). Link your Dreamcast and Neo Geo together to get your cool unlockables with Capcom Vs SNK to Card Fighters Clash and Cool Cool Jam to Cool Cool Toon for god knows what!

    - Dreamcast Link Cable - $Offers
    JPN Edition. Cable only, no box/manual. Use to link 2 dreamcasts together to play Ferrari F355 Challenge for head-to-head action. Also link up DC's for Hot, Steamy, Lubricanty Robot Love Fights! (My Favorite Kinds)

    - GameShark Lite - $5
    Gameshark, but with half the calories.

    - Broadband Adaptor - $35
    US, Boxed with unit. Pir8s rejoice!@


    - Radiant Silvergun - $120
    JPN Saturn Release, Almost complete, disk, case, insert, manual, but no spine card. Disk is flawless and plays wonderfully.

    - Blue Skeleton Saturn (Derby Stallion) - $175
    JPN Console, complete with System, Skeleton blue controller, unused sticker sheet, system manuals as well as a/v hookups and power cord. Memory battery needs to be replaced, but can be bought cheap (CR 2032, same as your Dreamcast VMU batteries)

    - Saturn Link Cable - $7
    JPN, Sealed. Used for head-to-head or link up games for Saturn. Off the top of my head I think one of the GunGriffon games was the only one to take advantage of this cable, but know knows, maybe you need it for something 

    ----------------Sega Genesis/CD------------------

    - Super Fantasy Zone - $25
    PAL MegaDrive release. Case, insert, cartridge, no manual. Identical to JPN release, but read about Opa-opa's adventure in 4 different languages on the back of the box.

    - McDonald's Treasureland Adventure - $12
    US Genesis release. Complete with Case, Manual, Insert and cartridge.


    - Gran Turismo - Disc only, good condition $2
    - RISK - Disc only, light scratches $7
    - Jeopardy - Disc only, good condition $2
    - Rage Racer - Disc only, light scratches $2
    - Ace Combat 2 - Disc only, light scratches $2
    - MegaMan X5 - Disc only, good condition $5
    - Ace Combat 2 - Complete, mint $7
    - Ace Combat 3 - Complete, mint $7
    - Gold Finger - allows play of Imports and backups, unit only $10

    - Klonoa: Door to Phantomile - $7
    US PSX Release. NO GAME, this is the case, insert and manual only. Complete your lovley mint Klonoa disk and make sure it has a nice home at night.

    - City of Villains - $8
    - City of Villains: Collectors Edition $15 (Opened outer box. but unused CD key)
    - Auto Assault $8 (Sealed)


    - Ys Set of 7 Mangas - $offers
    JPN. Set of 7 Mangas based in the Ys universe, I don’t know very much more about these other than I got em a few years back. Pictures available on request, of course.

    - Super Mario Bros. 2 - $offers
    JPN Famicom Disk System edition. Comes with instructions, case, Disk itself. Overall good condition, no major folds/tears/etc.

    -Nintendo DS Wrist Strap - $Free with sale/trade
    If you lost the one that came with your DS, or just want a replacement, here it is. (Not the Mario Kart strap)

    - Hot Wheels 1998 First Edition set - $100
    Complete set of 40 1998 First Edition Hot Wheels, has a couple variants. More info available upon request.

    - Set of 3 GBA Stress reliever things - $12
    From E3, Comes in Purple, Glacier and White colors.

    - GameCube stress reliever - $4
    From E3, Purple.

    - N-Gage QD Phone - T-Mobile locked, sticks at boot-up screen - $25
    - Colin McRae Rally 2005 - N-Gage game - $10
    - Nightmare Before Christmas jersey - Size Large - $40

    Hot Wheels:
    - Corvette C6R Treasure Hunt (Long card, regular wheels) - $8
    - Corvette C6R Treasure Hunt (Long card, regular wheels) - $8
    - Corvette C6R Treasure Hunt (Long card, regular wheels) - $8
    - Mega Thrust Treasure Hunt (Long card, regular wheels) - $8
    - VW Bus 1996 First Editions - $35
    - VW Bus Jiffy Lube special - $27
    - GTO Jiffy Lube special - $18

    ------------Wanted list:--------------
    - $$$Cash$$$
    -Wii FreeLoader
    - GameCube Freeloader/Action replay
    - ASCII Keyboard Controller for GameCube (For PSO, Hooray!)
    - Nintendo GameCube imports (Not sure which I want, but if you got some, let me know)
    - Nintendo Wii Imports
    - Interesting stuff (I like weird, odd, unusual game stuffs, so gimmie a hollar)
    - Blast Works (Wii)
    - Castle of Shikigami III (Wii)
    - Milestone Shooting Collection (Wii, Karous, Radigry, Excelica)
    - Wii Points

    Shipping and whatnot:
    Shipping will be determined after we figure out what’s going on, I can ship however you want, be it USPS or UPS or whatever, just let me know.
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  2. I'd like the CDX, have you had any compatiblity problems with games? *-neo
    Last edited by Low; 04 Jan 2008 at 11:45 AM.

  3. Updated with pictures.

  4. I'll pay sticker price for Guardian Heroes.

  5. interested in growlanser, have a free loader for the gamecube + games

    I have the gamecube free loader and imports of soul calibur II and naruto II. LMK if you still have the growlanser set for trade. feel free to email me at

  6. I've got nine pogs and a Saltine. Make that half a Saltine. Tr8d 4 Radiant Silvergun?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by MarkRyan View Post
    I'll pay sticker price for Guardian Heroes.

    I think that's exactly what I paid for it, years and years ago. Worth every penny and not much more!
    Quote Originally Posted by Razor Ramon View Post
    I don't even the rage I mean )#@($@IU_+FJ$(U#()IRFK)_#
    Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

  8. PM about Groahlansa

  9. the Fry's near me has a GameCube broadband adapter for $20. if you want it, i could get it for you. let me know.


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