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Thread: Slash and Burn: Death Label

  1. Slash and Burn: Death Label

    A few things:

    1. Buyer chooses their shipping option and pays for it. I'm not going to gouge anyone but I'm also not going to sell a $2 game and spend $3 out to ship it. I'm more than happy to ship the cheapest rate.

    2. If a item says "offer", do not ask how much I want for it, make a offer worst that will happen is I say no.

    3. I try to keep things in great shape and unless noted all games should be in excellent condition. Most games with spines do have them but feel free to inquire, I haven't bothered to check every game.

    4. I'll contact people when possible, without a home pc right now and have been using friends and workplace.


    Odama (played once, mint) $8
    Sonic Gems Collection $8
    Ikaruga $35
    Mega Man X Collection $15

    Meteor Blaster DX $3
    Implode $3

    Strider ACD $35
    Faussett Amour SCD $90
    Efera and Jillora CD $5
    God Panic SCD $20
    Chiki Chiki Boys SCD $20
    Galaxy Gayvan SCD $50
    Mystic Formula SCD $50
    Toilet Kids PCE $50
    Bonanza Bros SCD $20
    Rally Championship SCD $20
    Legend of Denoko Rally CD $5
    Dragon Knight 2 SCD $10


    Vectorman (/manual, outer sleeve) $3
    X Men 2 Clone Wars (/manual, outer sleeve) $4
    Light Crusader (new) $5
    Tiny Toons Buster's Treasure $3
    Valis (cart only) $1
    Out of this World $2
    Super Hang-On $3
    Ren and Stimpy: Stimpy's Invention (cart only) $2


    Pac In Time $5
    Alien 3 (complete but worn packaging) $3

    GB/ GBC/ GBA

    Adventures of Lolo GB (mint) $40
    Golden Sun Lost Age (new) $10
    Bubble Bobble New and Old $12
    Dragon Warrior Monsters GBC $8
    Yggdra Union $20


    Bomberman 64 (Japanese release completely different from US, with tons of modes and 2D graphics) $50
    Paper Mario (new)$25


    Discworld 2: Mortality Bites $20
    Final Fantasy Tactics (original package) $20
    Inuyasha (new) $15

    Sonic Jam US $20
    Street Fighter Alpha 2 US $5
    Metal Slug (w/ box/ram cart) $30
    Wonder 3 $20
    Falcom Classics Ys 1 Limited Ed $15
    Falcom Classics Ys 2 Limited $15
    Castlevania: SOTN $50
    Super Tempo $35
    [B]Virtua Stick (barely touched) $10


    Ouendan JP $25
    Warioware Touched $12
    Final Fantasy III $20
    Touch Detective $10
    Lost in Blue $10
    Metroid Prime Hunters $20


    King of Fighters 98 $10
    King of Fighters Evolution $10
    Project Justice $30
    Street Fighter Alpha 3 $15

    D2 $20
    Sword of the Beserk $20
    Grandia 2 $15
    Jojo's Bizzare Adventure $10
    Zombie's Revenge $3 hold
    Toy Commander $5
    Sonic Adventure 2 $15
    Illbleed $4


    The Lost Golem $15
    Puyo Puyo Fever $20


    Tecmo Classic Arcade (new) $7
    Breakdown (new) $5
    Otogi (new) $7
    Xyanide $7
    Outrun 2006 Coast to Coast (new) $30

    PS2 US

    Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2 (brand new and only sold as set) $90
    Contra Shattered Soldier (new) $20
    Gradius V (new) $25
    Skygunner $20

    PS2 JP

    Taito Memories Vol 1 $10 hold
    Silent Hill 3 JP edition (in full english, also contains a mini CD with 5 tracks, two of which are unreleased) $12
    Buile Baku $20 (fun building destruction puzzle game)
    Psyiko Collection: Sengoku Ace and Sengoku Blaede $20
    Game Center: Sonic Wings (extras in mint condition) $10
    Gekido 2 (Photo Boy 2) $40


    Psikyo Visualworks book (illustrations from Sengoku, Dragon Blaze, Gunbird etc) $10 hold
    Brady Metal Gear Solid 3 Guide $1
    Sonic Advance/Sonic Adventure 2 Versus guide $1
    Soulblade by Gamefan guide $3
    Final Fantasy VIII Brady guide $3
    Ton of Gamer Republic's offer


    Kingdom Hearts 2 PS2 (non-greatest Hits)
    World of Disgaea Artbook
    Harmful Park PSone (not worried about spine and have other available items including a fistful of brand new DC shmups for trade)

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  2. Freebies- if you buy something feel free to choose a item or two from here, manuals and magazines are free to anyone as long they pay the shipping:

    Mesopatamia PCE- Hu Card complete
    Blaster Master Blasting Again PSone

    Sega CD classics disc
    Xbox magazine Vol 18, 12 with discs
    Sonic Plush doll


    SNES Batman and Robin Animated Series
    Romance of Three Kingdoms 2 SNES
    Jurrassic Park Rampage Ed Genesis
    Ghosts and Goblins NES
    Double Dragon 2 NES
    Starship Hector NES
    Exile Genesis with instructions


    Link to the Past secret sheet
    Brandish SNES
    Double Dragon NES
    Double Dungeons Turbo
    Night Creatures Turbo

    Magazines: a lot of Play, EGMs, Official PS2 magazines, etc...

    Clover- A Japanese language Manga a friend gave me for a birthday, seems to involve singing and angels
    Robotech condensed novels 1-3, 4-6
    Gamego 1
    NES Top Secret Guide book
    some PC Engine magazine

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  3. PM Sent

  4. You've got PM, Neo.

  5. Hey Neo, i sent you a pm earlier, but if you didn't get it, i'm interested in Gradius V and Raiden 3.

    edit - Neo, i apologize for not seeing your message about not having a home pc; sorry for being impatient.
    Last edited by Busu-Otoko; 09 Jan 2008 at 05:31 PM.

  6. Give the man some time. It hasn't even been a day yet! Plus, he has no home PC.

    4. I'll contact people when possible, without a home pc right now and have been using friends and workplace.

  7. I'll take:

    - Sonic 3D Blast (/manual, outer sleeve) $4
    - Junction $3

  8. PM sent

  9. payment sent.

  10. List updated to remove sold items, Busu and Mikhal your stuff is on the way.



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