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Thread: "A Simple Plan" -- TNL MC Season 2

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    "A Simple Plan" -- TNL MC Season 2

    "You work for the American Dream--you don't steal it."

    Believed by many to be Sam "Evil Dead" Rami's best film, A Simple Plan tells the story of an honest family man played by Bill Paxton, who, along with his brother (Billy Bob Thorton) and a friend, discover a plane crash in the woods. The crash site contains dead bodies, hungry crows, and a bag full of money. What starts as a simple plan to keep the money quickly spirals into destruction and terror, as the family man's untested principals dissolve under the sheer force of greed.

    It's an amazingly effective flick, and shows us a very subdued yet somehow more effective Sam Rami at work. Based on the novel by Scott Smith, who also wrote the screenplay, with an amazingly understated score by Danny Elfman, the movie is stunningly directed and very well performed by Paxton, Thorton, and Bridget Fonda, who plays Paxton's scheming wife.

    I've been meaning to give this one another spin since I saw it theatrically. Based on the box office take, I imagine there weren't many of you who've seen this one.
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  2. Two thumbs up, easily. I saw this when it first came out on video when I was 13, loved it then. I watched it a few weeks ago (for the 50th time), and loved it even more. What a fantastic movie. The atmosphere, story, acting, music, direction, all top notch and easily Rami's best film. Plus the last 30 min leading up to the ending rank up there at the top with some of the best and most tense minutes you can find in any movie.

    Anyone who hasn't seen this needs to purchase it immediately.

  3. I watched this when it came out (back when I felt Billy Bob could do no wrong, ah memories). I thought it was great, and will definitely give reintroduce myself to it.

  4. I only have vague memories of this movie. I'll try and purchase it later this week.

  5. I haven't seen this in ages too, really liked it too. I'd agree that it's Raimis' best.


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