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Thread: Working on graphics for video

  1. Working on graphics for video

    I'm gonna be working on a video project for my producing and directing class. People will be doing multiple jobs, and one of those jobs is to come up with some graphics such as opening graphic, lower thirds, etc. I have some Photoshop skills, but I am still learning big time.

    I've downloaded a few extra brushes and actions already, but are there any other presets (actions, brushes, etc.) that are just good to have overall or would be helpful in creating graphics for video? Any tips in general when coming up with graphics for video?

    The video is is going to be over student music writers who will be performing at a small campus venue over 3 different events.

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    Protip! Kick all the stoners out of your group IMMEDIATELY.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by YellerDog View Post
    Protip! Kick all the stoners out of your group IMMEDIATELY.
    Luckily I have a pretty decent class, so I don't have to worry about anything like. I don't even know if my graphics will be picked or if some of the other people have Photoshop skill, but I thought it would be fun to try. I might even do a storyboard for another project we are doing.

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    Go for the most professional presentation up-front, and figure out the details of how to pull it off while you're working on it. Do some heavy research on how to accomplish what you're trying to do, and be able to express it in a way that both tells a story and makes sense to your audience.

    Bring doughnuts to your presentation.

  5. I really don't know what they want, but this is just something I threw together real quick. The colors are my school's colors, the tower is its symbol, and the event is called Writers Night at the Row. This is a bit more simple than I would like, but this is kind of the direction I am thinking of going. Also this would be the opening title I suppose and then maybe use a similar style brush to make the lower thirds.

    Click for full size

    Here is a slightly touched up version. Colors are a little better and I angled the symbol a bit.

    Click for full size

    If it sucks, it's because I've never really done any graphic art and I am not all that artistic when it coms to drawing/painting/design type stuff.
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  6. Looks good cap..... nice job!

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    Thicker font maybe? It's video. You want something super-easy to read, I'd think.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by YellerDog View Post
    Thicker font maybe? It's video. You want something super-easy to read, I'd think.
    Nice though. I was really just using that as a place holder for the time being, but here is a bit of a thicker font I kind of like.

    Click for full size

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    Cool. That's a lot more readable.

    Second thought, I'd try blowing up the school logo to overlap the edges of the color swatch a bit more, maybe lose the rotation? It's drowning at the moment.

  10. I agree with no rotation on the logo, just makes it look poorly placed to me. I also want to say that the upper black text might need something to make it stand out a little more against the dark red background, but the only things coming to me would probably look too cheesy. It stills works right now, in any case.


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