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Thread: PixelJunk Monsters

  1. PixelJunk Monsters

    This game is so awesome. Who else thinks this game is awesome?

    Eight bucks. Tower defense. imo.
    Buy Yakuza and Oblivion. Help yourself, help TNL.

  2. It's made of pure awesome. If I hadn't forced myself to stop playing I wouldn't get any work done or sleep tonight.


  3. I love tower defense games.

    I will get this tomorrow.

  4. Agh! I had no clue it was out. I mean, I saw it in the Japanese store a while ago, but the DMC4 demo wasn't on the US store when I logged in today, so I grabbed it from the Japanese store and didn't look back. I will probably be buying this later today.

  5. Dylan's a good guy, he even hooked me up with a Mixi invite. Everyone support him by getting this. I think Q needs the money after Racers.

  6. I can't believe the same people responsible for inflicting Racers did Monsters. Even taking into account them having a good model to swipe from, they did an excellent job of improving between one release and the next. I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do with the next Pixeljunk game.


  7. I wish this game would of been multiplatform...

  8. #8


    Quote Originally Posted by Granderoho View Post
    I wish this game would of been multiplatform...
    Me too, little buddy. Me too.

  9. Apparently, since no one bothered to mention it, this is on the PSN.

    So screw it.

  10. add pixeljunk monsters to the list of games that are remote play ready.

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