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Thread: Breaking Bad

  1. Breaking Bad

    Amazing that there isn't a topic about this show. Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, is a chemistry teacher going through a mid-life crisis and so he turns to making meth.

    This is dark humor as it's best. Bryan Cranston is perfect for this role. There's just something about him that makes you feel sorry for the guy the entire show.

    The only downside of the show was that I caught the TV-14 version of it. When it originally premiered, it was TV-MA with full blown cussing and from what I've read, maybe nudity (tits). Some guy said that they were going this route in hopes of HBO or Showtime picking up the show, but since they didn't, AMC did. They decided to premiere it with no commercials (hence why they were able to get away with the cussing and nudity), but all the encore showings had commercials and so they censored the cussing and the nudity scene was different (I think) since she had a bra on.

    Nevertheless, the show is pure genius. Only the pilot has aired. The next episode on this Sunday night.

    "Fuck you and your eyebrows! Why don't you wipe down this?"

  2. I liked what I saw of this, so I'm looking forward to more. I really love Malcolm in the Middle, and the dad is one of the main reasons why, so I'm going to support this guy in whatever he does.

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    I made it about halfway through the pilot before wandering off. Didn't really grab me.

  4. Sounds like weeds.

  5. Watched the pilot and I'm digging it. It's kinda, sorta like Weeds, but it's not. I like Cranston a lot so I wanted to check this out. I'm curious to see where his life goes from here so I'm going to stick with the show. High hopes for this one.

  6. Haven't watched Weeds, so I can't comment on that. However, this show is HILARIOUS. Anyone watch the latest episodes yet?

    The acid in the tub had me rolling. I really thought it was going to leak through all the way to the basement to kill the other dude.

    "Heads or tails?" I kinda got a No Country for Old Men vibe during this scene.

  7. I gotta look for episode 2, I missed it.

  8. 3rd episode was tonight and it was great, this show rules.

  9. Marathon of the first 3 eps running now. We just saw the first and it rules.

  10. I finally caught the latest episode (I DVRed it, but I ran out of space and only saw half of it).

    The show seriously gets better each week.

    - The opening scene was hilarious as he was thinking back to when he was writing about what the human body was made of as he was cleaning the body. Flushing it down the toilet was the icing on the cake.
    - When he started putting the plate together and saw he was missing a piece was very tense. I really felt bad for him knowing that he had no option left but to kill him.
    - The murder scene was disturbing. Getting away with that on TV is murder. No pun intended.

    I love it.


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