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Thread: TNL Style Thread

  1. Maybe you have old man legs now. You'll have to wear your pants up your hip.
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    Once, a gang of fat girls threatened to beat me up for not cottoning to their advances. As they explained it to me: "guys can usually beat up girls, but we are all fat, and there are a lot of us."

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    muscle turned to fat

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Dunlap View Post
    muscle turned to fat
    Other way around if anything.

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    Nice work!
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  5. Do I get this snug, and wear it under another jacket when it's cold, or larger and wear a hooded sweatshirt under it?

    This is important. I don't do the puffy coat shit, so I need the layers.

    I wish my leather jacket wasn't falling to pieces. I used to have to sew it back together once a year, now it's once a month. My backpack, of all things, has destroyed it. It's older than Yoshi, though, so I guess that's not a bad run.

  6. I have to retire the military jacket, because it makes me look like a homeless time traveler, or this wouldn't even be a thing.

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    That's a fun look for airports.

  8. nahhh get the larger and wear the hood.
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    Where am I anyway? - I only registered on here to post on this thread

  9. Are models important when buying clothes?

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  10. Thank god Im a subscriber to the Early Bird Preview tier of TNLs patreon, and so already saw this long before any of you cheap cucks did.

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