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Thread: TNL Style Thread

  1. As for being on topic.

    1) Always get your shit tailored
    2) Always polish your shoes
    3) Learn how to tie a tie if you do not know how yet.

    As for styles, I prefer Ralph Lauren Suits, Armani Sport Jackets, and anything from express.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Bailey View Post
    ... express.
    Express has some nice stuff but they're not worth the asking price. I usually only shop there during sales.

  3. A lot of people say that. I personally don't shop during sales, I just buy what I like, 49.99 for a sweater is pretty reasonible imo.

  4. I don't have the money for tailored clothes, but before I die I will have a kick ass tailored suit.

    I also get shit altered if they don't fit right or whatever. When I was 12 and got my one pair of Jncos my mother made me get them hemmed. Lawl.

    Last time I went into Express I was with my brother who was picking up some long sleeve shirts. And he grabbed a pink one and browsed around. Some really loud, seemingly drunk guy came in with his token hot girlfriend to get some clothes. And his girlfriend picked up the same pink shirt my brother picked up and showed it to her boyfriend and he said "What the fuck do I look like some sort of goddamn faggot?" I lolled.
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  5. You failed as soon as you said Jncos.


  6. Quote Originally Posted by Bailey View Post
    You failed as soon as you said Jncos.

    I was 12.

  7. Express shirts feel soooo comfortable.

    I wear whatever. Some days it's just a plain white shirt with bball shorts, other days I'll wear my True Religions with a nice shirt. I haven't spent too much money on clothes, but when I can, I'll get the designer clothes (only if it's on sale).

    One of my mottoes I live by: Never pay full price for anything. If I'm not getting a deal, the store won't be getting a sale.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Rated RKO View Post
    this thread makes me sad that people still exist.
    I bet you look disgusting.

    Anyways my mainstays are usually as follows: (BTW I tend to dress "urban")

    Head: New Era is God's greatest gift to man IMO. Nuff said.

    Jacket: I wear a Dickies hooded jacket like the one pictured except black.

    Shirt: T-shirts from any brand except G-Unit as long as they look good. And Express is the only store you should go to for dress shirts but not too many colors cause thats gay.

    Belt: I like people to know where I'm from just by looking at my crotch so aside from a giant bulge I like to rock the pictured Dominican Republic Belt buckle.

    Pants: Any baggy Jeans and Dress pants skys the limit really. Tight pants are a definite don't do it.

    Shoes: I stick with a pair of Air Force Ones by Nike or (my favorite) Classic High Top Timberland boots pictured. When i wanna look good I just have black dress shoes that look good but theres really nothing special about them.

    I know I'm probably gonna get bashed for wearing "urban" clothes but whatever i like and it looks good on me.

    lol i accidentally put up a picture for super dodgeball brawlers and im gonna leave it up cause that games gonna be awesome. lol
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    Look, Yes. I have banged hundreds of broads...internationally. But know this, I wrap my rascal 2 times. 'Cause I like it to be joyless and without sensation, as a way of punishing super-models.

  9. Another note: I don't wear shorts anymore. I mean, unless I'm at the beach or pool, but that doesn't count.

  10. jeans and t-shirts for me. occasionally there will be a polo or button down if im going out. footwear is usually AE boot shoes (both pair are extremely broken now and they dont make them anymore) in the colder months, sneakers in the summer. NEVER sandals.

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