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Thread: What's Bugging You Today? Volume 3, Part 1

  1. Quote Originally Posted by GohanX View Post
    Yeah that's wasn't Verizon's fault. Your phonecall should have been to homeowners/renters insurance.
    They’re responsible for properly grounding any line they bring into the home. We always put protector blocks with grounding in every building that we ran exterior cables into, cables between buildings. I work in the field and have provided cabling infrastructures for industrial plants, residential and commercial properties. Their router blew up, because of an improperly grounded cable entering into my home. The router was connected through a UPS, which blocks all electrical interference.

    My motherboard was replaced by the manufacturer, so that wasn’t a loss for me. I had to buy a Wi-Fi adapter for my Xbox 360s.
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    You expect a commercial router to stop a lightning surge? It's called "Acts of God" for a reason. If Thor wants to destroy something he will.

  3. That’s what the ground is for. Lightning will head to earth ground 1st. That’s why we ground every customer’s network rack and have lightning protector blocks for incoming feeder cables to buildings.

    Yeah, it got treated as an act of god, without any review of the installation completed by their technician.The Ethernet port on that router was supposedly able to withstand up to@15,000 volts.
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    Like your mom's box.

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    Why not both?

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    Why are you fuckers so boring? The only thing that will get you all active is me loading up on junk food and posting brain garbage.

    But everyone protests that they hate that. So I lay off the reece cups and sugar soda and then...nothing. Most of the posts in the past 24 hours have been the game of thrones topic.

    Is no one doing anything worth talking about? We can get 3 or 4 pages of replies out of the things I'm not going to do. Really? No one is doing anything?

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    It's Monday, bruh. The most exciting thing I did today was put some really strong onions on my hot dog.

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    What kind of hot dog was it?

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