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Thread: What's Bugging You Today? Volume 3, Part 1

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    And we do nothing. Maybe we will be remembered as good Americans.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite View Post
    I can certainly understand why others would view us in that light.

    Well, not ME, of course. I'm wonderful. But Americans in general, yeah.
    Iím not sure itís all bad and it goes without saying there are some pretty great Americans. But it is true things often tend towards aggression as a culture.

    Quote Originally Posted by Satsuki View Post
    It's almost as if we are told from the moment we drop out of the womb that if we just work hard enough, we'll become millionaires and marry supermodels and everything will be hunky dory. It creates a culture where we overcompensate for every minor interaction by stomping on everything and taking up as much space as possible. America has inserted itself into every major event in the past 100 years because ITS VOICE HAS TO BE HEARD NO MATTER WHAT
    Iím not sure. I always thought of it as being a culture based too much on the individual. But itís hard to argue it hasnít brought the US control and riches beyond any other nation. And a system designed w base humanity has clearly prevented the demagogue in power from doing too much damage.

    The homeless trespassers got a bunch of good stuff packed and were sent on their way. They canít take wine or beer to the street for liability reasons but we let them slam a cup before they leave. Theyíre just surviviní and we have it pretty good. No harm there imo.

    Quote Originally Posted by Satsuki View Post
    Unrelated related European revelation after visiting Mauthausen: yeah so, those prisons at the border? Those are concentration camps. Fight me.
    Of course they are.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26 View Post
    Generalising all americans because of 2 people?

    Americans definently have a culture of promoting assholes.
    You went to the trouble of providing Drew's response to your first sentence with your second sentence.

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    Yes, but managers would be a minority of Americans. You can't extrapolate behavior for the entire population based on the behavior of a specific minority.

  5. Watch me do it
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  6. These are some of the findings of that ethnographic research.

  7. Rigorous ethnographic research can take a few years, Vasteel.
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  8. Decades, even.
    Quote Originally Posted by dechecho View Post
    Where am I anyway? - I only registered on here to post on this thread

  9. A dude just sold me Dead Uncle's collection. Over $5000 worth of Atari 2600, 7800, Genesis, and Saturn stuff.
    None of the heavy hitters Saturn wise (Shinobi Legions and Golden Axe were the biggest tickets), but a lot of early Genesis stuff.
    Dead Uncle didn't dust too well though. The games are generally in really nice shape under the filth.
    Cleaning this shit is going to take foreverrrrrr.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Satsuki View Post
    Decades, even.
    Everyone thinks theyíre Goodall.

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